The Truth About Giving Your Dog Bacon!

Can I Give My Dog Bacon?

Does your pet perk up from the smell of cooked bacon? That isn’t surprising. Many dogs recognize the aroma even before the frying begins! Unfortunately it’s a bad idea to share this type of meat. That’s right. You should consider Read More …

What You Must Know About Feeding Your Dog Beans!

Can I give my dog beans?

Beans can be toxic for dogs if you don’t know what you are doing! Be smart about sharing beans (this includes knowing one kind to avoid feeding)!

What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog Bananas!

Can I give my dog banana?

Carbs, calories and especially sugar are factors to consider when feeding your dog bananas. So share this fruit, but do so smartly. Learn more!

Want to Share a Peach With Your Dog? Read This First!

Can Dogs Eat Peaches?

Peaches are popular and it’s likely your dog has salivated over this delicious fruit at one time or another. You’ll be happy to hear that canines can be included! With a bit of knowledge, sharing a peach is perfectly fine. Read More …

Tips For Feeding Your Dog Peanut Butter! (Best Brands Included)

Can I give my dog peanut butter?

Does your dog love to eat peanut butter? It’s not a problem. This creamy spread is also healthy for hounds. Yup! The antioxidants, protein and other vitamins are desirable for dogs too. Your buddy may even get an energy boost! Read More …