Read This Before Letting Your Dog Eat Ketchup!

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Are you wondering if there’s any reason why your dog shouldn’t be allowed to eat ketchup?

Whether this condiment is okay for canines is a great question. Let’s get started!

First off…

Can I Give My Dog Ketchup?Consider that ketchup is a recipe in itself. While mostly made from tomatoes, it is the other ingredients that we worry about.

Careful About Giving Your Dog Ketchup

A tiny taste isn’t so terrible, but avoid making it a habit.

It’s super important to find out exactly what’s in your ketchup!

More often than not there’s a bunch of chemicals — many of which are unhealthy for your dog.

So check the product’s label first. Then make up your own mind regarding ketchup for your precious pet.

More on Ketchup’s Ingredients

Besides tomatoes, ketchup typically a concoction of onion powder, garlic powder, cinnamon, vinegar, extra sugar and salt.

The first two ingredients have a potential to be dangerous for dogs, but the others aren’t great either.

Some ketchups even contain xanthan gum which acts as a stabilizer (ie. it thickens the paste). You don’t want your dog eating that.

Allergies And Anemia Concerns

The truth is a bit of ketchup is very unlikely to harm your dog.

Still, allergic reactions and even a condition known as hemolytic anemia do sometimes occur.

The thing is you can’t know until your dog consumes some ketchup.

The judgement call is ultimately yours when it comes to sharing with a four-legged friend.

What About Pure Tomato Sauce?

We’ve covered tomatoes and consider pure tomato sauce a better choice for dogs.

Obviously it is always best to consume foods that are as natural as possible.

People view ketchup (Heinz for example) as basic tomato sauce. Not exactly true!

It may not matter much to a human stomach, but there really are ingredients in ketchup that dogs should not be eating.

A Warning About Ketchup Packets

Fast food ketchup packets have a bunch of artificial ingredients and preservatives, not to mention unknown spices.

But what’s even more dangerous is if your dog eats an entire packet, plastic and all!

Leave some laying around and a hungry dog may try to wolf one down.

It’s not unheard of, unfortunately. If such a thing does ever happen, get your vet’s help ASAP.

In the meantime, watch over your dog for vomiting and/or signs of straining during defecation.

It would be quite concerning if you don’t see ketchup packet(s) pass after several days.

Regarding Condiments in General

Ketchup is not alone. Most condiments are not great for dogs.

The popular ones are mustard, mayonnaise, relish and salsa. These are not necessarily dangerous, but they aren’t healthy either.

Just like with ketchup, they are usually loaded with spices!

Being high in calories, very fatty they have no place in your dog’s diet.

The Bottom Line

Do not feed your dog commercial ketchup or dishes containing it such as french fries, hot dogs or hamburgers.

Whatever the situation, be selective. Avoid chemicals and additives.

The fact is many ketchups contain ingredients that animals shouldn’t be eating.

Bigger picture: This condiment tends to go with unhealthy foods. Careful about sharing what you’ve got.

In any case, it is generally a bad idea to share this tomatoey sauce with your dog.

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  1. I just gave Pekingese a red, ripe small tomato. She loves them. I know now not give unripe (green) tomatoes or many of them to my dogs. I can’t wait to see her feeling better, hopefully living a long and healthy life.

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