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Veterinary Doctor Stephanie FlansburgSeveral years ago we created this website to help dog owners everywhere get reliable answers to all sorts of questions:

Can I give my dog this…or…that?

After all, your dog didn’t come with an instruction manual! In all seriousness, we understand how important this type of info is when it comes to the health and safely of the family dog. Rest assured, our own dogs live by many of these same recommendations.

Recently we’ve enlisted the help of a practicing veterinarian to ensure that the information is reliable and suitable for publication. We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Stephanie Flansburg-Cruz, pictured here, for carefully proof reading all of our articles. We do, however, strongly recommend that you follow the advice of your own vet when it comes to your dog’s particular health status and dietary needs. Please do not use this website as a replacement for local veterinary care.

Help us out! If you find a mistake, typo or ambiguity, please let us know! Also, we encourage participation so feel free to add your own 2 cents by posting your questions, comments or replies at the bottom of all articles.

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