About Us

Maureen with one of our dogs

We made this site to help dog owners get reliable answers to their most urgent questions:

Can I give my dog this…or…that? After all, Dogs don’t come with an instruction manual!

We take this dog advice thing – seriously. Providing you with information that is well researched and accurate is our continual goal. We realize how important this type of info is when it comes to the health and safely of your beloved dog. These answers are the best we have!

Our dogs live by these same recommendations. The articles are in the process of being improved by adding more factual info. If you find a mistake, I encourage you to let us know!

If you have a specific question or issue that you’d like covered or if you have a great idea for the site, use the contact us page to let us know. Please be sure to review the CanIGiveMyDog privacy policy when you have the time.

Thank you for stopping by! Please come back soon and enjoy spending time with your dog!

Very Sincerely,
James & Maureen