Read This Before Giving Your Dog French Fries!

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Hot, greasy and salty is how people typically like their french fries.

That doesn’t sound so healthy because, well, it isn’t! Anyways, when it comes to dogs, how bad is this all-time favorite food?

Can I Give My Dog French Fries?Here’s the deal:

You’d be smart to avoid feeding your dog french fries — at least not regularly. The same goes for fried potatoes with added oil and salt.

There is no way around it: Sharing is not a good idea.

And each of the ingredients, on their own, should also be strictly limited.

French Fries Are Not Recommended For Dogs

They aren’t exactly toxic, but that is not the point!

The fact is french fries, whether for a human or a hungry hound, are fairly unhealthy.

Think long term!

While just a few fries isn’t awful, sharing really should be kept to a minimum. Some would argue that allowing your dog to partake is a bit irresponsible.

There are many reasons why pets should not be eating this particular junk food. Keep reading to be fully convinced that french fries will eventually catch up to your curious canine.

2 Better Ideas: All-natural sweet potato treats or organic and healthy Fetch Fries!

Sodium, Oil, Fat And Carbs

All fatty foods need to be restricted.

French fries are high in the worst kind of fat (saturated and trans) as well as sodium.

You do not want to inflame your dog’s pancreas. It’s all downhill from there!

The kidneys are also at risk due to the high salt in those tasty fries.

Carbs will also leave less room for protein-packed meals (which your dog should be regularly receiving).

Consider that pet obesity is rampant due to bad feeding habits.

Not convinced yet about french fries yet? Keep reading…

Poor Feeding Choice

Your dog doesn’t need to be fed a variety of different foods.

Keep it simple. Maintaining good health should be the goal which means french fries will never factor into such a strategy.

Some owners feel bad about feeding a bland boring diet of daily dog food. There really is no need to think that way!

Besides, french fries will begin to weigh down your dog or much worse. That they taste good is completely irrelevant.

It is very simple: No fries with that!

The Healthy Aspects

There are none!

Everyone knows that french fries will make you fat and eventually clog arteries. They’re loaded up with trans fats and other manufactured and processed ingredients.

While you can toss a few of them to your dog, it is important not to condition a pet pooch in such a way.

It’s a bad habit to get into, seriously!

Your dog’s digestive system may be able to process french fries.

After all it’s mostly potatoes, oil, and some salt. That, however, does not mean it’s appropriate.

Look! French fries cannot provide what dogs require to thrive.

On the contrary, they will have an opposite unhealthy effect.

The Bottom Line

Do not share your french fries with your dog. Think of the oil, salt and other undesirable ingredients.

Giving your dog a few french fries (as a rare treat) is one thing. Just be sure to avoid making a habit of it.

Don’t use french fries as a treat. More for you!

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4 thoughts on “Read This Before Giving Your Dog French Fries!”

  1. The ingredients in most dog foods made in the USA and all dog food products produced in China and Mexico are worse than giving a healthy dog a few french fries weekly.

    Veggies and meats meant for humans are far superior nutritionally and safety-wise than junk from China or Mexico.

    French fries have nutritional value. Just don’t try to lose weight eating only one food. Nikki gets one french fry piece each day if they are available.

  2. When I first gave my dog my french fries they were thrown up in about 30-50 minutes. So a little advice from personal experience,
    never ever give your dog french fries!

  3. French fries and potato chips are among the top 20 Acrylamide-high foods. Acrylamide is a cancer-causing chemical created when carbohydrate -rich foods are cooked at high temperatures above 250F/120C.

  4. When I give my dog French fries or potato chips it gives him terrible gas. I don’t do this on a regular basis. I did before I realized what it does to him.

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