Ginger Ale For a Pet Dog’s Stomach Upset?

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Some folks swear by ginger ale for easing all sorts of stomach woes.

Can I Give My Dog Ginger Ale?Are you wondering if this drink can help your queasy pet dog? Or perhaps you just want to share a bit?

Whatever the case, providing this classic soda doesn’t make much sense.

We can’t come up with a valid reason why any dog should drink ginger ale. In our opinion, it’s best if your buddy doesn’t have this beverage.

Avoid Giving Your Dog Ginger Ale

Carbonated soft drinks, such as this one, could complicate your canine’s life.

It’s fair to say that ginger ale is inappropriate for pets.

Actually, the same applies to all types of soda when you consider the questionable ingredients.

Perhaps your dog has an upset stomach. The good news is such a situation, more often than not, will resolve itself.

Still not convinced about Ginger Ale? Keep reading…

Ginger Ale is a Junk Drink

Perhaps there was a time when ginger ale contained a considerable amount of real ginger.

In any case, claims of a soothing effect are unfounded.

Unfortunately, this beverage doesn’t truly ease upset stomach, nausea or indigestion — at least not based on any conclusive research that we could find.

More importantly…

Today’s commercially-produced ginger ale has lots of high fructose corn syrup and various other dubious chemicals.

These acids, other unknowns as well as added carbonation will do anything but soothe a pet dog’s stomach!

Be Careful of Canine Obesity

Allow your dog to consume ginger ale on a regular basis and they will very likely gain weight and become sluggish.

A single can of Canada Dry contains 140 calories and a whopping 35 grams of sugar.

Ginger ale is also high in carbs!

This well-known drink certainly should not be viewed as healthy.

Soda Won’t Hydrate a Hound

The thing is liquids should hydrate, but this soda fails that basic requirement.

Plain old water or Pedialyte will work much better for whatever reason you may be considering ginger ale.

All the sugar, fructose and glucose will eventually take a toll on your dog if you make a habit of providing it.

Ginger ale is anything but a wholesome drink (this goes for you and your dog).

Vomiting is Very Natural

Vomiting is your dog’s way of removing things from their system that do not belong.

In most cases, you should not stop this process because it works to cleanse the body.

Do, however, give your dog lots of space and fresh water. You may also want to get the cleaning products ready!

That’s all you can do and it is all that is usually needed unless, of course, the situation is serious and requires veterinary assistance.

The Bottom Line

Do not give your dog ginger ale or any other sweetened soft drink for that matter.

Carbonated beverages will not, under any circumstance, improve matters. Ginger ale is unhealthy for dogs because it contains a bunch of junk!

Please go to your vet if your pet has recurring or serious stomach problems.

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  1. I make sure my dog is drinking ginger ale. I have discovered that it makes my dog run faster, jump higher, think smarter and work harder.

    1. Ginger Ale isn’t even good for people.

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