Is Chewing Gum Really That Bad For Dogs?

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Are you wondering if your dog can have chewing gum?

There are several reasons why this is a bad idea. First off, your buddy can’t actually chew it!

Can I Give My Dog Gum?More importantly…

There are often toxic ingredients in gum — including artificial sweeteners such as Xylitol.

There is no valid reason why a pet dog should be given any!

Perhaps your dog accidentally ate chewing gum?

This is “GUMfortunate” but it does happen. Whatever brings you here, keep reading!

Your Dog Should Never Be Given Chewing Gum

Forget about sharing.

Dogs are unable to utilize gum, and it could also be harmful if swallowed.

Canine consumption can lead to digestive problems or worse.

Consider the artificial ingredients that go into chewing gum. It’s a no-no whatever the brand, flavor or type of gum.

Want to address bad doggie breath?

Get a quality dental kit designed specifically for dogs.

Rest assured, giving gum or even a mint won’t solve anything.

Today’s Chewing Gum

Manufacturers are always upping the ante. The classic sugary gum ball is rarely seen.

Nowadays the trend is sugar-free gum with artificial sweeteners and dozens of flavors.

This is bad news for dogs, assuming their masters let their guard down. You see, modern gum typically contains highly questionable ingredients (and again, sometimes Xylitol which is terrible).

Accidental Consumption

You can expect constipation if your dog gets into a pack of gum.

Tip: Feeding mashed pumpkin often helps to soften stool and carry out the gummy mass.

But wait! Has your buddy eaten a whole lot of gum?

Be sure to call a vet ASAP.

There’s debate as to whether dogs suffer adverse reactions from ingesting chewing gum. Some vets recommend inducing vomiting. Others take a wait and see approach (to see how the dog is doing).

One thing is certain:

For alarming reactions, after consuming some chewing gum, play it safe and bring the dog to a professional.

Alternatives To Gum

Of course you want your dog to have fresher breath and healthier teeth.

But, again, giving them a piece of gum is all wrong, reckless and even negligent.

The best way to keep your dog’s mouth healthy?

Brush their teeth on a regular basis!

There are even special canine brushes and toothpastes to make the process very effective.

Battle Bad Doggie Breath

Halitosis could be a sign of bigger problems.

Bring up the bad doggie breath issue the next time you visit your vet. There may be an underlying medical issue.

With a diagnosis and treatment you should notice an improvement in your dog’s breath. There is never a need for gum!

The Bottom Line

Keep chewing gum away from your dog.

Consider the potentially harmful ingredients that your pet may swallow.

Any dental problems (bad breath) should be addressed with your vet’s help.

Chewing gum is only for humans and never for dogs.

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  1. Today my dog accidentally got into a pack of Hubba Bubba and he ate the whole pack. I don’t know what to do!

  2. Today my dog had swallowed a piece of gum. I don’t know what to give her. Will she be okay? Just let nature do its thing?

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