Read This Before Letting Your Dog Have Soda!

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Chances are your dog loves Pepsi, Coke, 7 Up, Sprite and most other types of soda.

But, as you probably know, there are good reasons to keep these drinks away from pets.

Can I Give My Dog Soda?

Diabetes is too common among dogs these days. And sweet things, like cola, greatly contribute to this disease.

The caffeine is another reason why soda is all wrong for your animal.

At the very least, avoid making a habit of sharing. The best policy is to…

Avoid Giving Your Dog Soda

It cannot hydrate, contains too much sugar and there is no nutritional value whatsoever.

Allowing coke consumption is just not smart.

While you may not see harmful effects, eventually soda could be unhealthy for your dog’s internal organs.

Note: Soda obviously contains less caffeine than coffee, but that’s not the point.

Skip The Soda Pop

Perhaps your dog doesn’t always like to drink regular plain ol’ water.

Wait a second though!

Even highly diluted soda is a bad idea. Again, anything with caffeine and/or a cocktail of artificial ingredients is ill-advised.

Nobody can deny that soda’s high fructose corn syrup is partly responsible for much of the obesity we see today.

There are also too many calories for dogs to be drinking and they are complete junk!

Diarrhea or vomiting isn’t the worst of your dog’s problems in regards to soda. Long term effects are real!

As An Energy Boost?

Sure, your dog may run around for hours after drinking soda.

Some may consider this effect to be of benefit, but that is the wrong way to view it.

Let’s get real:

A lack of view-able side effects does not mean soda is OK for dogs. There’s just no justification for it.

Please think twice if you’ve been sharing cans of soda pop or even Ginger Ale — especially on any kind of regular basis.

Why Water is Best

Your dog’s health is dependent on the nutrition you provide. In that sense, soda is actually awful and water is optimal.

Why is that?

You must make those calories count by giving what your dog should be consuming.

Be super careful with extra calories in liquid form. Soda pop consumption will take them away from a healthy and beneficial diet routine.

Ensure that your dog has their hydration needs met.

It’s easy! Provide plenty of fresh water.

The Bottom Line

Soda should be off limits to your dog.

A bit of Coke or Pepsi on the floor isn’t something you need to concern yourself with.

But unhealthy habits are!

With so many bad ingredients in soda pop, the answer is a simple: No sugary drinks!

Give your dog quality calories and keep them hydrated with fresh water.

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4 thoughts on “Read This Before Letting Your Dog Have Soda!”

  1. My Pomeranian puppy licked Sprite when I spit it on the floor. She licked it once, but I carried her away from it. Should I be concerned?

  2. Dogs don’t pass gas for the same reasons as we do. It is an entirely different biological kidney function and different endocrine system.

    In any case, soda pop is just liquid candy with no benefits, especially in large quantities daily. It causes cramps and headaches.

  3. It is actually terrible to let your dog drink soda, especially Sprite. It can affect their organs and maybe even destroy some.

    My friend’s dog licked Sprite and, a few weeks later, she started howling every time my friend touched her stomach. They took her to the vet and found that some organs were affected.

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