Read This Before Sharing Cheetos With Your Dog!

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Are you wondering if your dog can have some Cheetos?

You aren’t alone. It’s a pretty common question!

Can I Give My Dog Cheetos?This cheese-flavored junk food is so popular that there are now 21 different varieties!

And it is normal for a pet dog to want in on crunchy Cheetos.

So are these cheesy puffs really that bad? Is there any harm in sharing?

Cheetos are unhealthy for humans and animals alike.

Don’t Give Your Dog Cheetos

Doing so is a bad idea despite the delicious taste.

Of course, a one-time taste isn’t so terrible. Our concern is if you frequently share Cheetos with your dog.

Cheetos Not Pet-Friendly

The first ingredient in this Frito-Lay product is enriched corn meal. That, in itself, is a red flag!

Also listed is monosodium glutamate (MSG) which is certainly questionable for canines.

Listen! Obviously Cheetos are highly processed.

They do not contain anything your dog needs to thrive. You’d be filling your buddy’s stomach with exactly that: filler!

Make room for the good stuff.

Even More Bad Ingredients

What else makes this famous food off limits for dogs?

That’s easy!

Cheetos contain canola and sunflower oil.

That should make you think twice. This stuff is not virgin olive oil!

On the contrary, it is low-grade oil and not good for anyone — including your dog.

And while the powdered cheese dust makes Cheetos taste great, it is really just seasoning made from whey. You’d be giving your dog processed whey — basically the garbage leftovers from real cheese.

Unhealthy! Forget about feeding your furry friend Cheetos.

Junk The Junk Food Idea

Lots of owners are tempted to use all sorts of processed foods as treats.

Sure, it’s convenient. But you really should not allow your dog to eat things like Doritos, Cheetos, potatoes chips, nachos or any other convenient junk food.

Give yourself a clear conscience by avoiding this practice. You will also likely be able to skip expensive vet bills down the road and a lot of heartache.

Last but not least…

Consider that obesity is a big fat problem for dogs these days. Consistently withholding those Cheetos will help to prevent weight-gain.

Bad Feeding Habits

So important:

Do not go down the path of feeding unhealthy foods to the point where your dog expects to receive them. This is how a begging habit begins.

So while you are sitting on the couch, with your bag of Cheetos or anything else that is processed and corn-based, think twice about sharing with your beloved dog.

Nevertheless, this video is entertaining!

The Bottom Line

It’s best to avoid giving your dog Cheetos.

The best case scenario is this junk food will eventually slow down your four-legged friend.

Sharing this processed snack can also easily turn into a terrible feeding habit. You do not want your dog to develop a begging problem, or feel less than their best.

If you really must, feed a few as a very special treat but other than that: No Cheetos!

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  1. All chips are such a bad idea. We knew this. She still somehow got some crumbs on the floor. They were so tiny. Is that okay?

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