Want to Share Nachos With Your Dog? Read This First!

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Do you have a plate of warm and yummy nachos?

It’s normal for dogs to want a taste, but consider the following before your buddy feasts on this fiesta food:

Can I Give My Dog Nachos?Nachos are nothing more than highly processed tortilla chips with cheese melted on top.

While this Mexican appetizer is arguably healthier than corn chips, it is still a junk food. Do not make a habit of feeding this classic munchie food.

Nachos Aren’t Good For Your Dog

Feel no guilt when your curious canine craves these crunchy chips.

It really is best to avoid feeding your dog any sort of crispy tortilla chips, with or without the cheese.

Nachos in particular, being covered in melted cheese, are don’t make any sense for dogs and it’s even worse if jalapeno peppers are a topping.

With all that being said, a one-time taste won’t be toxic. It is just that this type of food won’t do your dog any favors.

Nachos are simply a bad choice.

Long And Short Term

Feeding your dog nachos, a burrito or a taco could be harmful (or at least disruptive) despite not being toxic.

Nachos can make pets defecate in the worst way. Diarrhea should not be a surprise.

And you also have it consider the chemicals, flavorings and additives that go into a bag of nachos.

Regularly sharing means your dog is very likely to pack on the pounds.

Keep your furry friend’s diet simple to avoid such a scenario. That means these tasty chips should not be fed or at least not regularly.

But again, a small taste is likely to be uneventful and there is no need to stress about it.

Never Nasty Nachos

The truth is that processed snacks, in general, should be off limits.

Sharing is fun as you can see in this video….

But your dog’s digestive system is not geared towards what we can routinely munch on.

Nachos and plain tortillas are unhealthy due to the low quality calories, trans fats, sodium (salt) and other unknown chemicals.

The decision is easy. Avoid this poor feeding idea or, worse, a long lasting habit.

Do not underestimate how tough it is to break behavioral begging!

Having a policy of no nachos for a 4-legged friend is the way to go.

Feed Better Treats

It’s smart to keep doggie treats by your side when you eat your human snacks.

This way you won’t be hounded (pun intended) for something you shouldn’t be feeding to your pet dog.

Be strict. Even if begging begins, or you get those classic puppy dog eyes, do not give in!

The Bottom Line

Feeding your dog nachos is not recommended.

Not letting a pet indulge in this corn-based junk food is absolutely the right choice.

Even a quality nacho brand (if there is such a thing) could easily disrupt your dog’s digestive system.

Any well cared for animal should not have processed foods. More nachos for you!

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One thought on “Want to Share Nachos With Your Dog? Read This First!”

  1. Jack Russel Lover says:

    If you give nachos then your dog will just want junk food and won’t eat his dog food. If your dog is not eating his food, try buying him some yummy canned dog food mixed with his regular chow. Slowly cut back the canned dog food week by week.

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