Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Tortillas!

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Are you wondering if you can share a tasty tortilla or two with your dog? Is it such a terrible idea?

Here’s the deal:

Either flour or corn-based, as a general rule, processed foods are not recommended for furry friends.

Can I Give My Dog Tortillas?With that being said, feeding your dog a single tortilla is no harm done.

Just be sure this type of flatbread is only given as a very special treat.

Though Not Toxic, Tortillas Aren’t Great For Dogs

It’s important to prevent bad feeding habits. Otherwise, you’ll be complicating your canine’s life.

Tortillas lack nutrition and certainly should not be given to pets on a regular basis.

There is no way around it:

Tortillas are not great for your dog.

At the same time, sharing a bit of your wheat-based wrap isn’t awful. The key is to not make it a regular occurrence.

Delicate Digestion

There is a persistent myth that dogs have super adaptable digestive systems.

Though many animals can physically wolf down whatever is on offer, that does not mean they should!

In actuality, it would be unhealthy to frequently feed your dog tortillas. Remember that canines are generally less able to process pure grains or corn — at least compared to us humans.

Make no mistake about it:

Tortillas may cause problems down the road.

Break Bad Habits

Aside from the potential harm you could cause your dog from feeding them tortilla, you also risk changing their eating habits as a whole.

If you are feeding your dog some tortilla or something equally unhealthy as scraps during dinner then they will come to expect it.

This could cause your dog to beg during dinner-time and they might even snatch something off your plate.

This is obviously bad behavior which manifests from poor habits over time. It would take plenty of effort to train your dog to be obedient once more.

We don’t mean to pick on tortillas specifically because this canine problem presents itself with most human foods which is why many people avoid them all together

2 Types of Tortilla

There are two different kinds of tortilla. It’s prudent not to feed your dog either of them.

The first is grain and, as mentioned above, dogs don’t digest grain as well as we can.

Sometimes wheat and grains aren’t even digested completely. In fact, if your dog is allergic to gluten, it is all the more reason to avoid providing tortillas.

The second type is corn based. Though dogs can usually digest this kind easier, it’s still not recommended.

Do you know if your dog is allergic to corn or not?

This factor could make it the more dangerous choice between the two.

The Bottom Line

This flour or maize-based food could eventually cause digestive problems for a dog.

Give your canine only what will be beneficial.

Also, dogs that are not used to being given scraps will not be prone to terrible tortilla begging.

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  1. I’m in a small village in Guatemala. There are so many dogs that people need to take care of. But they cannot afford expensive dog foods. Meat is also not readily available. What do you recommend for poor villagers to feed their dogs?

  2. What about sprouted corn tortillas?

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