Worried About Gluten In Your Dog’s Diet? Read This!

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Are you concerned that your canine may have celiac disease? Is that even possible?

The fact is some dog breeds, such as Irish Setters, are known to suffer with gluten sensitivity.

Can I Give My Dog Food Containing Gluten?That’s right! This autoimmune disorder is not exclusive to humans.

Changing up your dog’s diet isn’t such a crazy idea.

Removing gluten sometimes reduces or even eliminates lingering and often difficult-to-diagnose health problems.

Going Gluten-Free Greatly Benefits Some Dogs 

Making the switch could work wonders.

Exactly how gluten affects the body remains poorly understood. What we do know is this:

Problems stemming from gluten typically start in the small intestine. Malnutrition then becomes a concern which, in turn, can cause a host of other health issues.

It’s a problem that affects dogs too.

FYI: A study by the Department of Veterinary Pathology and the University of Liverpool documented gluten sensitivity among Irish Setters. It’s a hereditary disease, but we haven’t been able to find studies about other dog breeds.

Be Healthier And Gluten Free

Some chronic health issues are not only super frustrating but also difficult to diagnose.

In any case…

Despite being a source of protein, going gluten-free could change your dog’s life for the better. Pets with allergies, digestive problems and constant scratching may benefit from a diet change.

Eliminate grains and starches and you could see better gut health and less inflammation.

Long Term Consequences

A gluten intolerance can cause lots of different symptoms. Again, this makes finding the source of misery tough to pin down.

To make matters worse, many vets don’t know much about gluten.

Suffering from such a sensitivity could go on for years, even a lifetime, before relief is discovered by switching to a gluten-free diet.

Too many dogs suffer from chronic illnesses, and other diseases, due to a poor diet.

How bad could it get?

Celiac disease, the autoimmune condition triggered by gluten intake, can shorten a precious pet dog’s life.

Do Not Be Gluten Gullible

Gluten is a plant-based protein primarily found in grains.

Rye, oats, barley and wheat are loaded up with it. Anything processed from these grains also contains gluten.

Many pre-made foods have elements of gluten-laden grains.

When you think about it a dog wouldn’t normally eat grains, but they are probably getting it daily!

Any new diet requires discipline. You have to strictly avoid feeding certain foods — unless you go with a gluten-free dog food.

Dogs And Gluten Intolerance

So, again, some animals suffer from gluten intolerance.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach or frequent diarrhea, they may have this problem.

Make no mistake:

The intestines can become damaged from long term exposure.

Digestive tract impairment could result in malabsorption of vitamins as well as valuable proteins. Your dog may be unable to thrive.

Go With a Better Dog Food

Most regular dog foods contain gluten.

Fillers like wheat and corn-based ingredients are loaded with gluten. Even modest amounts can be harmful depending on your pet’s sensitivity.

A gluten-free dog food will be more expensive, but it could be a small price to pay!

The Bottom Line

Gluten can also affect dogs.

It’s already been proven as evidenced by the aforementioned information pertaining to Irish Setters.

Prepare meals yourself if you suspect gluten is a culprit.

For example, your dog may suffer from eating grains. Switch to gluten-free and watch for improved health.

Alternatively, just get a premium grain-free dog food.

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4 thoughts on “Worried About Gluten In Your Dog’s Diet? Read This!”

  1. I changed my dogs to gluten-free hard dog food. I hoped it would help weight control. It has not and instead, around the same time, my Jack Russell started chewing his paws. Do you think it is the dry dog food?

  2. Without getting into anything on gluten in general, you state that oats are ‘loaded with gluten’. In fact, oats nourish their seedlings with avenins, which are not biologically similar. Even actual celiacs can almost universally tolerate avenins.

  3. Is it okay for dogs to be fed rice? That’s one thing I wanna know before feeding it to them.

    1. Yes, it is okay to feed them a little rice with cooked skinless chicken, good for their tummy.

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