Are Potato Chips Really That Bad For Dogs?

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It’s only a matter of time before your dog wants a taste of your potato chips.

Just how bad is sharing this salty snack?

Can I Give My Dog Chips?Lay’s chips, and most other brands, are a type of junk food. Allowing your dog to partake is obviously a bad idea.

Feel no guilt when the begging begins!

Be smart and protect your dog’s long term health by not providing this processed food.

It’s an easy decision. Simply avoid giving potato chips and be strict about it.

Dogs Should Not Be Eating Potato Chips

Certainly don’t make a routine of feeding them!

Plain potatoes are fine. Truth be told, the chips themselves are not toxic. It’s really the other ingredients that are problematic for pets.

You should withhold highly processed foods when it comes to your dog.

Consider all the oils, fats and artificial ingredients that go into a bag of Doritos for example.

Is it really a health hazard?

Yes! And the high sodium in your typical potato chips may even dehydrate your dog.

Not a Terrific Treat

Rest assured, canines do not get the same pleasure from eating chips.

They will happily wolf some down and crunch it up, but it won’t stay in their mouth long enough to savor it.

They’ll also salivate in anticipation, though that should not factor into your decision.

Make no mistake about it:

Regularly giving your dog potato chips could have consequences down the road. Pet obesity is just one condition you want to avoid.

At the very least, strictly limit this food to just a few and only do so on occasion.

Whole Bag Of Chips!

Expect a bout of diarrhea if your dog somehow consumed an entire bag of chips.

The intoxicating smell of this snack means Fido may eat until all the chips are gone!

At that point, their body would be dealing with a concoction of oil, fat, salt and processed potatoes.

And the thing is dogs tend to have fast digestion. Do not be surprised when it comes out spewing on the other end!

All Brands And Flavors

Junk food companies (like Frito-Lay) entice people to try new flavors.

They come out with all sorts of potato chips — some of which are spicy.

These are even worse for dogs and could really upset the stomach, among other health consequences.

The best kind of potato chips?

Any kind with the fewest ingredients. Those are least harmful if you must provide a taste.

But all varieties of chips are inappropriate for dogs.

Fill The Water Bowl!

The salt (sodium) from processed chips could make your dog very thirsty.

Always have a fresh supply of water at the ready.

You’ll likely hear the unmistakable sound of your dog drinking water shortly after a decent amount of potato chips are eaten.

This is indicative of chips contributing to dehydration. But there are other, more negative outcomes that we have outlined.

The Bottom Line

Don’t give your dog potato chips.

There are many reasons to avoid sharing this processed junk food snack. They all point to excluding your pet when you eat delicious chips.

If tossing a few, do not allow it to the point where the dog begins expecting to be included.

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6 thoughts on “Are Potato Chips Really That Bad For Dogs?”

  1. My dog has the heart of a warrior and I give him spicy things. He seems to love the flavor. One day I was eating Takis, and my dog kept begging, so I gave him one. He loved it and giving him one only made him beg more and more. He ate a few and he has had no digestion problems.

    I’m not saying that you should give your dog hot chips, but it’s not all that bad. Now, whenever I have hot-fries or hot Cheetos he follows me everywhere until I give him some. He doesn’t do that with other chips.

    Again he has not showed any digestion problems nor has he showed signs that he was feeling sick. Still, I do not give all that many because I know it’s not healthy for him.

  2. I gave my son’s dog two chips and about 3 hours later she started vomiting – 6 times. I am not sure what is wrong or what to do!

  3. My dog loves chips. I don’t give her a lot at a time and also watch what kind I give her. I know onion is very bad, so would sour cream and onion chips be as bad for a dog or could they have a few?

    1. My dog begs for chips sometimes. They can be given but only 2 or 3 a day or else they will not eat any of their dog food. I usually use the chips for training.

    2. Hey Kevin. It’s best not to give him flavored chips. You could buy plain potato crisps or make some apple crisps for him. Slice apples super thin and bake them for a bit. You could do the same thing with pumpkin and liver puree, which is what I give my dogs.

  4. Potato chips are notoriously high in Acrylamide, a cancer-causing chemical that forms when plant-based foods are heated to high temperature above 250F.

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