Read This Before Sharing Doritos With Your Dog!

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Does your dog want to be included when you munch on Doritos?

Obviously this junk food should not be shared — at least not frequently.

You know this. It’s a no-brainer!

Can I Give My Dog Doritos?Doritos have all sorts of unnatural flavorings, spices and other chemicals. Your dog shouldn’t be eating anything that is heavily processed.

So here’s the deal:

Just a one-off taste won’t be harmful because Doritos aren’t toxic. That said, these branded tortilla chips are a poor choice for a treat.

Do Not Give Your Dog Doritos

It’s really best to avoid feeding any.

There are many reasons why feeding Doritos to a pet dog is a bad idea.

For one, begging is a common canine concern with corn-based snacks.

And, basically, these chips contain nothing good. Any flavor will have high levels of fat and sodium.

The top ingredient in Doritos is highly processed corn — maize is a huge topic in and of itself.

No Comfort For Canines

Junk foods, or comfort foods, serve a purpose for humans.

Got the munchies? 

By all means, enjoy your Doritos!

Dogs, on the other hand, depend on their owners to provide appropriate foods based on specific nutritional needs.

Save the Doritos for you, not your dog. It is just that simple!

Lots of Better Treat Options

Consider a much better treat idea for indulging your dog.

Do not wait to come up with a snack plan while you’re busy licking the Nacho cheese flavoring from your fingers!

Many doggie snack products contain valuable vitamins and minerals. Your dog can benefit from these and they’ll have just as good of a time eating than they would with a Dorito or two or 20.

Some owners make their dogs feel special by tricking them. For example, you can show a Dorito in one hand and then toss them a healthy dog treat with the other.

Your buddy will never know the difference! And you can rest at ease knowing you aren’t providing harmful or unhealthy foods.

The Truth About Junk Food

Some owners will condone giving their dogs just about anything to eat.

Maybe they give Doritos without any clear consequences or observable side effects. This is not grounds for drawing such a conclusion.

Obviously just because your dog may not display immediate and noticeable side effects, does not mean it isn’t negatively affecting their health. Doritos are a textbook example of this!

The careless attitude that some people have about what they feed their dogs is not something to admire.

The Bottom Line

Doritos don’t make sense for your dog. Sharing is bad decision and especially if you make it a regular occurrence.

This processed junk food will eventually make your dog sluggish, not to mention the other health issues that could eventually develop.

Doritos should be off limits — no matter what flavor you have. Enforce good feeding habits with healthy treats.

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5 thoughts on “Read This Before Sharing Doritos With Your Dog!”

  1. I brought my dog to a friend’s house where a lot of Doritos were dropped on the floor. Before I could get to him, he had already ate a bunch. He’s been whimpering ever since and it is making me worried.

  2. Dogs should not be fed any type of human food. Though your dog may be begging you with those cute puppy eyes, it’s better for them to be eating only what the breeder recommended. Another thing, do not feed your dog pizza. My friend often feeds her dog pizza and he vomits every time!

  3. I agree. People shouldn’t feed their dogs junk food.

  4. I give my dog lots of Doritos everyday and it’s fine.

    1. My family has lost dogs because they were fed junk food. Doritos are also a human food! Please don’t feed your animal junk food unless you want to lose a pet.

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