Do Multivitamins Like Centrum Make Sense For Dogs?

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Are you wondering if your dog can benefit from taking Centrum?

You are not alone! This interesting idea has been pondered by lots of pet owners.

First thing’s first:

Can I Give My Dog Centrum?Obviously your dog needs to get vital nutrients from wholesome food. With the right feeding routine there is almost never a need to supplement.

Centrum, while great for its intended purpose, is questionable for a few reasons.

One problem is most animals will not fully absorb and metabolize this synthetic human-formulated multi-vitamin.

And besides that canines have a different set of nutritional needs.

Do Not Give Your Dog Centrum

While many folks swear by this health supplement, that doesn’t mean your buddy will benefit.

Rarely would there be a valid reason to give your dog Centrum. In fact, doing so could actually create some nutritional imbalances.

Get a quality dog food if you haven’t already done so. It is a huge step in the right direction. This way Fido will have plenty of energy to live life to the fullest.

Centrum Versus Chow

The truth is that dogs rarely need extra vitamins.

Whether the concern is calcium or iron or pretty much any other vitamin or mineral — these essentials are already in premium dog foods.

By contrast, a low-grade canine chow with lots of filler could result in a deficiency. But, even then, Centrum won’t fix that problem because it is formulated for people.

You can’t lose with a top notch dog food. It will contain everything needed to thrive. You typically won’t need to worry about giving anything else.

Pro Tip: Feeding small portions of healthy people foods makes good sense.

Vitamins Made For Dogs

While it’s not great to give your dog Centrum, there are vitamin supplements that are sometimes appropriate. The main difference is these are developed with canines in mind.

We currently give our oldest a product that contains calcium, antioxidants and important digestive enzymes.

Forget about Centrum Silver, the Multi-Gummies, the liquid or even the kids version because none of them make much sense.

FYI: Dogs produce their own vitamin C.

The Sun And Vitamin D

Get your dog outside and in the sun.

That’ll do a whole lot more good for them than Centrum or other human-formulated products. The sun’s rays will cause your dog’s body to synthesize vitamin D.

Studies conclude that pets are not getting enough sunlight.

Wait a second though! Does your dog have a really thick coat?

If so, they may not be getting enough Vitamin D3 due to a lack of absorption.

Such nutritional deficiencies, or for growing puppies or dogs lactating or pregnant, may require a specialized supplement with a combination of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3.

The Bottom Line

Centrum does not make sense for animals as this multivitamin could create imbalances. Key nutritional needs should be met by feeding premium dog food.

Instead of Centrum, get specialized dog-formulated vitamins.

Nature will take care of the rest.

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3 thoughts on “Do Multivitamins Like Centrum Make Sense For Dogs?”

  1. A veterinary nutritionist recommended Centrum Advanced for my two dogs. One is 11 years old and 16 kilograms and the other is aged 3 with a weight of 15.5 kilograms. It was recommended that they each get one full tablet a day. This concerned me as it is the adult dose and a typical adult weighs considerably more than my two dogs!

    I am even more concerned as I have been giving them a tablet a day each for 3 months! The nutritionist also recommended an adult dose calcium and Vitamin D supplement, which they have also been getting as well a Vitamin E and B12. Have I harmed my dogs?

  2. I gave my dog a Centrum Silver Men 50+ by accident and I was totally freaked out that I may have given him something that would harm him or possibly kill him. Thanks to this article I can calm down.

  3. Even premium pet foods contain synthetic vitamins and minerals.

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