Read This Before Feeding Your Dog McDonalds!

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Are you thinking of giving your dog a taste of your McDonald’s?

Your gut tells you it’s a bad idea because, after all, fast food is unhealthy.

Can I Give My Dog McDonalds?A Big Mac, french fries or anything else purchased there obviously won’t do your dog any good.

Everyone knows this yet some owners routinely feed leftover McDonald’s. But quite honestly, sharing should only be a last resort.

Try Not To Feed Your Dog McDonald’s

Are certain items on the menu worse than others? And what if you just share the meat?

Truth be told, a plain meat paddy would be the least worse choice but the point is this:

Fast food makes for a poor diet and this applies to dogs as well.

Pretty much every meal at McDonald’s has excessive carbohydrates and fat.

But even worse are the various seasonings, sauces and dressings that are loaded up with all sorts of preservatives and high sodium. And, of course, there is an overall lack of nutrition.

Another Reason Why Not

The truth is that giving your dog some of your McDonalds, on a single occasion, is likely no harm done.

No bowel issues?

That’s great, but careful of the beginning of a poor habit.

It is so important to instill good long-lasting feeding habits. You do not want your dog to be begging. It is a similar behavioral situation to feeding table food only McDonald’s is worse.

Worst McDonald’s Items

Here’s the deal:

Hamburgers at McDonald’s have more unhealthy ingredients than people realize.

Avoid giving your dog a combination of pickles, raw onions, ketchup, mustard not to mention the seeded bun.

That secret sauce is a recipe for canine obesity and poor health.

At the very least, it’s a bad habit. All fast food items are inappropriate for dogs. And that includes your McNuggets!

One of the most popular is McDonald’s delicious french fries which may be one of the worst.

Fido And Fast Food Meat

There are folks who give their dogs meat patties taken from, for example, a Quarter Pounder.

You could certainly argue that removing cheese and other questionable additions is less unhealthy.

But the fact remains that anything at McDonalds should not be given to a precious pet dog.

The only time where it may make some sense is if you’re on a long road trip though even that’s not really recommended.

Reevaluate What is Important

Did you come here really wondering about giving your dog some of your McDonalds?

Seriously, it may be time to reassess their diet. What else are you sharing?

One thing is certain:

Whether we are talking about dogs or humans, it’d be wise to avoid McDonald’s. This goes for fast food chains in general, regardless of who does the eating.

The Bottom Line

It’s best to refuse your dog if they are begging for McDonald’s.

Feel no guilt about withholding leftovers. Fast food is all wrong for pets.

If you do provide some, don’t be surprised if your dog experiences a bout of diarrhea shortly after the meal.

You can share certain human foods, but McDonald’s is certainly not recommended.

Ditch the idea and seek healthier alternatives.

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4 thoughts on “Read This Before Feeding Your Dog McDonalds!”

  1. I give McDonald’s once in awhile. My dog will be eating a Big Mac.

  2. I checked the McDonald’s website and it says, “every one of our burgers is made from 100% ground beef, no fillers, extenders, or preservatives…from chuck, round, and sirloin trimmings.” Salt and pepper are added during cooking, and maybe that is not great, but I am curious why a meat patty from my own frying pan would be any better.

  3. Hear Hear! We shouldn’t eat it either.

    1. Sammy's Mom says:

      I’ve committed the “no no” of sharing some McNuggets with my pup – but only on two or three separate occasions. I feed him quality dog food. Like with anything else, once or twice in a given year won’t harm him.

      I don’t eat McDonald’s more than a few times in a year, and it’s usually chicken. Also, I see nothing wrong with cooking some healthy, lean hormone and antibiotic-free beef or bison (without seasoning) for my pup. When made at home, you know what goes into it.

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