CoQ10 For a Pet Dog? A Must Read!

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CoQ10 is a coenzyme with powerful health benefits, but does this apply to dogs as well?

Can I Give My Dog CoQ10?First off, canines actually produce their own CoQ10! With the right vitamins and minerals, from regular chow, they do not require this supplementation.

And while CoQ10 is good for heart health, cardiovascular disease is far less common in dogs.

So are there situations where your buddy may benefit?

Let’s take a closer look!

Dogs Can Take CoQ10 (Ubiquinol is best)

Pets with heart problems could use a reduced form of Ubiquinol.

CoQ10 is generally safe and may even prolong your dog’s life if they suffer from congestive heart failure or some other heart problems.

But getting them checked out is absolutely necessary.

The truth is that CoQ10 may assist though there may be better solutions for furry friend’s situation.

And if you do get this supplement, be sure to buy a quality product and one that is designed specifically for dogs.

A CoQ10 K9 Supplement

Again, CoQ10 is normally produced within your dog’s body.

They usually do not need extra. In that sense, it works like vitamin C.

But as your pup ages, their ability to generate this coenzyme begins to degrade. Of course, this is part of the aging process.

Ubiquinol vs. Ubiquinone

Not all CoQ10 is created equal.

There is very little regulation when it comes to supplements. Needless to say, choosing a brand can be frustrating and confusing.

Ubiquinol is preferred because it is more easily adsorbed by your dog’s system compared to the non-reduced form known as Ubiquinone.

The following video is worth watching.

Others may have a different views about CoQ10. Talk with your vet about this topic.

The Correct Dosage

In general, 30mg-50mg per day is sufficient.

The biggest factor is your dog’s weight.

An advantage of securing a quality canine-formulated CoQ10 product is that it’s already dosed for four-legged friends.

Other Health Benefits

It is been proven that Co-Q10 can boost overall health.

There are several other benefits besides cardio. Dogs may experience healthier gums and improvement against periodontal disease.

Renal function could also improve.

The immune system is strengthened due to CoQ10. It may reduce arthritis and/or joint pain which is so common in older dogs.

That is not all…

Another noticeable effect could be that your dog will have higher energy levels.

Fido’s Free Radicals

All the cells in your dog’s body are affected to some degree by free radicals.

They can do serious damage and accelerate aging. This coenzyme is an awesome antioxidant that’s fat-soluble.

Vital organs, canine or not, can get a boost from Co-Q10.

At least in theory, it can regulate the flow of oxygen to your dog’s cells and improve organ functionality.

So while this naturally occurring compound is primarily known for helping the heart, there is an aspect which points to more general preventative health benefits.

The Bottom Line

Geriatric dogs may benefit from taking CoQ10.

But pets with heart problems need to be diagnosed.

The reduced form, called Ubiquinol, is safest. It promotes health, including the cardiovascular aspect.

A Co-Q10 supplement can help people and dogs alike.

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6 thoughts on “CoQ10 For a Pet Dog? A Must Read!”

  1. My dog is 16 years old and weighs about 7 pounds. Can I give him a human version of coq10? If yes, how much?

  2. My dog is 7 years old and weighs 28 pounds. Is 100mg of CoQ10 two times daily too much?

  3. I plan on trying Ubiquinol on my 20 pound Pomeranian. She has a slight heart murmur. We will see how it goes.

    1. If your pet isn’t on a medication, such as Pimobendan, to slow the progression of the heart disease then the CoQ10 or Ubiquinol probably won’t have the benefit you may expect. I am giving my chihuahua CoQ10 in addition to his heart meds. I am using a liquid product as it is easier to administer and it absorbs better.

  4. Catherine says:

    What would the correct dosage be for Ubiquinol. My dog’s weight is 12 to 20 pounds. She is about 8 years old so, for her overall health, is this is the better choice over CoQ10? I want to start her on a daily mineral and vitamin pills. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. It appears that 30mg per day is what we should give our dogs for heart problems.

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