Your Dog Can Eat Blueberries — Share Smartly!

Can I give my dog blueberries?

Blueberries are obviously both delicious and nutritious. They are fantastic — it’s no wonder you want to share with your dog! Here’s the good news: Blueberries are healthy for hounds too. Want to toss your dog a few? Do it! Read More …

Brussels Sprouts For Your Dog? (Cooking Tips & The Stinky Truth)

Are you wondering if Brussels sprouts are safe for your dog? Great news: This food is healthy for hounds, not harmful! And while many people don’t enjoy this veggie, dogs usually are happy to chow down. Occasionally feeding fresh Brussels Read More …

Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Nightshade Foods!

Can Dogs Eat Nightshades?

Worried about feeding your dog Nightshade foods? Canines prone to inflammation could be affected. Otherwise, Nightshades are healthy for hounds!

What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog Raspberries!

Can Dogs Eat Raspberries?

Raspberries are a fantastic fruit. They’re obviously healthy, but for a pet dog? Does sharing make sense? Good news! A few raspberries won’t harm your animal. In fact, dogs can benefit as well! That said, feeding this delectable berry does Read More …

Read This Before Putting Bengay on Your Pet Dog!

Can Bengay Be Used on Dogs?

Bengay obviously reduces discomfort from bruises, sprains, backaches and even arthritis. But is this analgesic heat rub safe for dogs? Here’s the deal: Despite this topical cream’s over-the-counter availability, certain types of Bengay are a bit too risky for dog Read More …

Read This Before Giving Your Dog An NSAID For Pain!

Can Dogs Take NSAIDs?

Are you researching NSAIDs because your dog is in some sort of pain? Do you feel frustrated or confused? If so, you aren’t alone! Just the sheer number these drugs can make choosing the right pain pill a downright daunting Read More …

Can I Give My Dog Vitamin-C? Does Supplementing Make Sense?

Can Dogs Take Vitamin-C?

Owners often get conflicting info about their dog’s vitamin C needs. First off… While it is obviously healthy, rarely do canines require extra. The thing is your dog actually produces their own vitamin-C! People typically require this vitamin much more Read More …