Read This Before Putting Bengay on Your Pet Dog!

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Bengay obviously reduces discomfort from bruises, sprains, backaches and even arthritis. But is this analgesic heat rub safe for dogs?

Can I Give My Dog Bengay?Here’s the deal:

Despite this topical cream’s over-the-counter availability, certain types of Bengay are a bit too risky for dog use.

Keep reading to learn about specific products, including better and safer muscle pain options for pets.

Careful Applying Bengay To Your Dog’s Body

Too much of the active ingredient, methyl salicylate, can harm the liver and even cause death in high enough concentrations.

Rarely is this a problem but, still, you do not want your dog to lick at the applied gel.

To be safe, Bengay is not recommended for smallish breeds or puppies. Thankfully, a conservative amount is unlikely to harm a fully grown adult dog.

Canine Friendly Analgesic

One superior option for aches and pains would be an analgesic cream made for dogs.

Of course, serious or persistent cases (ie. chronic pain) absolutely require your vet’s diagnosis. It is possible they would prescribe Rimadyl.

Tips For Dog Use of Bengay

Still planning on using Ben-Gay?

Be sure to avoid any “Ultra Strength” version because they have higher levels of methyl salicylate.

It’s preferable to use Vanishing Scent Bengay or the Pain Relief & Massage Gel.

Even with these milder versions, your dog should not be allowed to lick at it. Luckily most canines do not find it appealing anyway.

Check out this video!

Never Combine Products

A poisoning possibility increases if you combine different brands containing certain ingredients.

For example, you have to steer clear of aspirin or Pepto or other NSAIDs when applying Bengay on your dog’s body.

Why is that?

Because they could contain salicylate or other types of contraindications. Such scenarios could be especially harmful for smaller dogs.

Pro Tip: Sometimes a simple application of a warm hot water bottle, or a well-placed heat pad can do the trick.

Symptoms To Watch Out For

Again, if you are conservative and prevent ingestion of the cream, it is unlikely that your dog will have a bad reaction to Bengay.

But perhaps you are here because your pet consumed a whole bunch?

If so, do not delay. Get professional assistance immediately!

Regarding Similar Medicines

Muscle pain is common among humans and dogs alike. As such, there are many competing products.

It cannot be stressed enough:

Anything with a high concentration of methyl salicylate tends to increase risks for dogs.

Tiger Balm is preferable to others.

But really analgesics that have been developed specifically for animals are, by and large, safer than OTC medicines found at your local supermarket.

The Bottom Line

You must take some precautions before putting Bengay on your dog.

Do not simply apply a bunch of methyl salicylate without first understanding there can be bad interactions among similar medicines.

Further, you must prevent your dog from licking or consuming the product due to a potential for toxicity.

Truth be told: Bengay shouldn’t be your first choice. Safer alternatives exist for when your dog is in pain.

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