What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog Tuna Fish!

Tuna fish is loaded with plenty of lean protein. It’s no wonder your dog wants some! So is it safe for canines, or is there some reason to not share? You’ll be happy to know that tuna is A-OK for Read More …

Fish Oil For a Pet Dog? Read This Before Supplementing!

Can I give my dog fish oil?

Lots of folks take fish oil daily. Omega-3 fatty acids are obviously very valuable from a health standpoint, but what about for your dog? Great news! Reasonably dosed fish oil is not only harmless but several studies have found that Read More …

Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Fish!

Can I give my dog fish?

Find out which types of fish are best for pet dogs to eat. For example, sardines are great while salmon is risky. Learn more for your dog’s sake!