What Can I Give My Dog For Constipation?

It’s normal for a pet dog to occasionally experience constipation. On the other hand, it could be concerning if a best buddy hasn’t had a bowel movement for 2 or 3 days. If so, your dog’s chronic constipation could be Read More …

Read This Before Giving Your Dog Dulcolax For Constipation!

Can I give my dog Dulcolax?

Dulcolax is an over-the-counter stimulant laxative. The product’s primary active ingredient is an organic compound that works great for constipation. But what about for canines? Here’s the deal: Vets do prescribe Dulcolax for dogs. However, it could also be dangerous. Read More …

What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog Bananas!

Can I give my dog banana?

Carbs, calories and especially sugar are factors to consider when feeding your dog bananas. So share this fruit, but do so smartly. Learn more!