What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog Bananas!

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Everyone knows that bananas are super healthy, but what about for dogs?

Can I Give My Dog Banana?Here’s the deal:

Sharing is actually a great idea!

In no way are bananas poisonous. In fact, this fruit is fabulous as long as it’s fed in moderation.

You Can Give Your Dog Bananas

Just follow these basic guidelines:

  • Always remove the peel
  • Slice up the banana into small pieces
  • Provide modest portions (more on this later)
  • Do not feed your dog bananas all the time. Make it a special treat only

Do Not Go Bananas!

Vitamin C (ascorbate) and B6, fiber and potassium are valuable nutrients.

Your dog can benefit from these vitamins and minerals. You bet!

But you also have to consider a few downsides…

Banana is fairly high in sugar, carbs and calories.

Maumee Bay Veterinary Hospital rightly points out that, “medium bananas have 101 kcal!”

So it makes a lot of sense to limit this fruit to snack status. Bananas are a wonderful choice for a dog treat assuming you don’t overdo it.

How Much Banana?

Note: The following are conservative recommendations.

Large to medium-sized breeds can be given half a banana daily.

Smaller dogs should only eat a few small pieces. Not frequently!

Do not crowd out regular meals. Keep tabs on carbohydrates and calories for your canine.

The Bountiful Benefits

In the world of fruits, ripened banana is truly among the best. The antioxidants are particularly powerful.

Your dog’s skin and coat could benefit. Some joint relief is possible as well.

Ripe is right!

Banana is also heart healthy. Further, the soluble carbs can boost a pet dog’s energy!

For Doggie Digestion

Does your dog have colitis (inflammation of the colon) or other bowel problems?

Ripe bananas may help!

Much like a probiotic, the natural enzymes can soothe intestinal irritation.

Colon spasms (AKA IBS) sometimes respond well to banana which means the fruit could clear up a case of canine constipation.

Conversely, feeding a bunch may have an opposite effect.

So go easy! Otherwise you may temporarily upset your dog’s bowels.

The Potassium Factor

Bananas have a ton of potassium. While healthy, it may not be well-tolerated.

Not to scare you but excessive potassium, or Hyperkalemia, can lead to heart issues.

This doesn’t mean they are toxic.

Personally, we are more concerned with the amount of natural sugar in bananas.

Ideas For K9 Treats

First, an example of a bad treat: processed banana chips.

When it comes to your pet, as best you can, try to avoid providing products that contain unhealthy preservatives.

What’s smart is simply using part of a plain banana as a nutritious reward. Do it!

What else…

How about a banana bread soft chews recipe!

Whipping up a homemade treat is always best.

But, however you ultimately decide to incorporate bananas, remember they often go with raisins as well as nuts. And, for dogs, these can be downright dangerous!

The Bottom Line

Ripe banana is a nice treat for your dog, but don’t get carried away.

The high levels of sugar, calories and carb count are why bananas should be a special treat only.

And, when you do share, be sure to remove peels and prepare slices. Doing this prevents choking and aids digestion.

Bananas, in moderation, are a fantastic reward for your dog.

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17 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog Bananas!”

  1. My papa eats Cheerios with bananas and he gives some to our 11 year old English Springer Spaniel Millie.

  2. Indiana summers are hard on my big dogs, Labs and a Boxer mix. So I like to freeze overripe banana chunks to give them as a cold treat. I find that overripe is best because they’re easy to chew even when they are frozen.

  3. My lab loves the end of my banana when I have one. She thinks it’s the best treat.

    She was recently attacked by another dog and is on antibiotics as well as pain meds. She doesn’t take pills well so I make her a banana sandwich.

    I take two small slices and put the pills in between, squishing the edges together as best I can. I don’t even think she chews it. It slides down so easily.

  4. Rob & Nikki says:

    Our dog Rocky decided he wanted a piece of fruit and he eat a whole bunch of bananas. He obviously thinks he’s a monkey.

  5. My English Staffy has about 1/4 to 1/3 of a banana a day. He loves them and has not had any problems.

  6. My 18 month old Dalmatian gets one banana mixed with dry food in the morning and evening. He loves it and has normal stool. He’s strong and healthy. Should I reduce it to 1/2 banana each meal? He runs every morning in Central Park off leach for 1 hour, so he has lots of exercise.

  7. My Staffy cross goes nuts for bananas! He loves them and wants one as soon as I bring some home from the shops. Yesterday my mum dropped a banana on the floor and she luckily got it before he did. When I eat a banana he always sits in front of me begging for a piece.

  8. Ever since reading this, my puppy loves to have her banana and hasn’t experienced any problems at all!

  9. I have been feeding our Corgi some banana for a couple of days as a suggested supplement to combat his coprophagia habit. I probably overdosed him a bit and he’s had loose stools overnight which are slowly improving. I started him out with about half a banana per day, taking a break for a day or two, then trying a couple of slices with each meal. Other than his loose bowels, he is displaying normal behavior otherwise.

    1. Kit, I have a Corgi with a coprophagia habit as well. When you say yours is now displaying normal behavior, do you mean the banana stopped him eating poop? I’ve just started giving my dog a couple slices of banana with his breakfast; no loose stools or constipation noted, but he’s still interested in eating everyone’s stools at the dog park.

      I pick up after him immediately, so he can’t eat his own anymore. I’d be interested in hearing what success, or otherwise, you have had with banana as a deterrent.

  10. My 3 year old Shih Tzu looks at the fruit basket every morning and whines for his banana. I’ve given him one every day for the last couple of months. He hasn’t shown any digestive issues. I hope it’s okay because he really enjoys one for breakfast!

  11. My 10 month old Lab ate 2, possibly 3 very ripe bananas two days ago and has had diarrhoea for the last 24 hours. Could this be the bananas or just a coincidence? I’ve given diarrhoea tabs and Pro-Kolin paste but it’s not having an effect. She’s lively and drinking plenty, as far as she’s concerned it business as usual. Should I be worried?

  12. I gave my 6 month old Cocker Spaniel a little piece of banana and she just licked it for a while. She usually eats anything she finds. What do u think? Is that a breed issue?

    1. I highly doubt it to be a specific breed in general, as most dogs will eat most of the food given to them. I believe it’s just personal taste of the dog, just like for people.

  13. I have a Labrador and when I have a banana she expects to have a little as well. She loves them and has not come to any harm from them.

  14. My Aussie just devoured 4 bananas when he knocked the fruit bowl off the counter. He ate the skins of probably 2 of them. He has food guarding issues so I was unable to get the bananas away from him. Will this amount harm him, other than causing a bit of constipation?

    1. Hi Kim. He should be fine by now. Please update us on your dog when you have the time.

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