Read This Before Making Bologna a Regular Dog Treat!

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Are you wondering if bologna is a good treat for your pet dog?

Also known as baloney, this meat is obviously highly-processed which may be why you’re uncertain about feeding it.

Can I Give My Dog Bologna?Bologna is often considered a mystery meat because it can be made out of chicken (poultry), beef, turkey, venison or a combination of these livestock.

Sounds perfect for a carnivorous canine, right? What’s the problem?

Our concern with bologna is the fact that it typically contains up to 30% fat, nitrates and very high levels of sodium.

So here’s the deal:

These meat products should be only be given to your dog in strict moderation. Limit it to an occasional treat.

Bologna Is Not a Healthy Choice For Your Dog

Regularly sharing baloney is not recommended.

Sure, canines are big meat eaters. Wolfing down bologna, or table scraps in general, is something they tend to enjoy.

But, being so heavily processed, bologna is not optimal for any dog!

Though convenient, you have to take into account added chemicals (especially the nitrates).

When it comes to your dog, you’d be smart to go easy with whatever Oscar Mayer wieners you have on-hand.

Nitrates are Very Nasty

More than ever it is understood that nitrates are bad for people.

Don’t kid yourself! This kind of preservative is even worse for dogs.

Remember, the canine digestive system is much smaller than that of your average human.

Nitrates are abundant in bologna as well as regular ham. Too much could harm your dog’s stomach, liver and kidneys.

It’s not totally clear how pets process nitrates but, suffice it to say, if it’s bad for us then it is terrible for your dog.

Same Goes For Hot Dogs

Bologna, by definition, is super fatty.

We’re talking low-grade, less than desirable meat.

Similar to hot dogs, bologna is basically a collection of odds and ends.

The combination of low quality fats, sodium, preservatives including harmful nitrates makes this food a poor choice for your dog.

Best Bologna Alternative

Meat, and the inherent protein, is essential for dogs. Their diet requires it, but skip processed products as much as possible.

Instead of bologna, get quality dog treats. These days treats are better than ever due to intense competition.

Do this:

Get a supply that is grain-free, meaty and packed with excellent vitamins and minerals. This way you won’t be tempted to share a slice whenever you make yourself a sandwich.

Snack time should be healthy. Forget Bologna!

The Bottom Line

While dogs thrive on meat, bologna is absurdly processed and not exactly wholesome.

You won’t be doing your pet any favors by sharing this mystery meat due to the added salt and other chemicals.

The nitrates in bologna are particularly unhealthy.

Do not depend on junk meat to reward.

Why not just avoid feeding your dog this baloney! Certainly don’t make a habit of it.

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7 thoughts on “Read This Before Making Bologna a Regular Dog Treat!”

  1. My dogs loves Oscar Mayer meats. But, because of the additives, they give her seizures! When you see Oscar Mayer, run!

  2. I give my 2 Chihuahuas a piece of Bologna each a day. I think they do fine. They also get Beggin’ Strips.

  3. My dog eats food a little bit if I give it to her occasionally. She loves it. I will give her three or two pieces of baloney.

  4. Regular kibble and other dog foods don’t contain so called mystery meat? There are some manufacturers that use unknown animal products from China. I don’t want to even mention where a lot of the other animal products come from, look it up yourself.

  5. My dog had been adopted twice before I got him. I found out that the previous owner only fed her hot dogs. I have tried everything, the high dollar dog food to the low dollar food. He will only eat bologna. I’m afraid of losing him at a young age.

    The last owner was about to send him to the pound when I found out. She didn’t have the patience to house break him. It took a month, but I was successful. This bologna thing is driving me nuts. In that part about giving them bones, did you mean regarding raw meat?

    1. Try giving her dog food with lesser amounts of bologna over time.

    2. I had the same with my dog. Evengers has a caned dog food made with pork and she gobbles it up. It is made in the USA.

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