What Dog Owners Must Know About Mosquito And Bug Repellents!

Are Mosquito Repellents Safe For Dogs?

If you and your dog spend a lot of time outdoors you know that keeping away pesky mosquitoes (and bugs in general) can be very frustrating. And, to complicate matters further, there are often harmful chemicals in most repellent products. Read More …

Read This Before Giving Your Dog Gravy!

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Want to Share Cookies With Your Dog? Read This First!

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What You Must Know About Feeding Your Dog Pineapple!

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

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Sauerkraut For a Pet Dog? The Surprising Truth About Sharing!

Can Dogs Eat Sauerkraut?

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What You Should Know Before Feeding Your Dog Squash!

Can Dogs Eat Squash?

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What You Must Know About Giving Your Dog Oatmeal!

Can I give my dog oatmeal?

Are you wondering if you should give your dog oatmeal?  Straight to the point: This classic breakfast food is safe for pets, super beneficial actually — in certain scenarios. Just be selective about the type of oatmeal your dog gets Read More …