Read This Before Giving Your Dog Apple Juice!

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Are you wondering if your dog should be allowed to drink apple juice? Any benefits? Any harm done?

Those are good questions and you aren’t alone in wondering about this beverage for a best buddy.

Can I Give My Dog Apple Juice?The truth is apples are, in no way, toxic for dogs.

However, the topic becomes more complicated when it comes to the juice.

Loose stools ie. bowel irregularity wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. What we’re really concerned with is the amount of added sugar and perhaps other additives.

Avoid Regularly Giving Your Dog Apple Juice

Providing any type of processed juice is a bad habit to get into.

It’s a poor choice any time you introduce extra sugar, unknown preservatives and various sweetener substitutes.

The good news…

Sharing a small amount if unlikely to affect your dog.

Still, sticking to plain old fresh water is the right approach. Apple juice, in no way, can be considered a good alternative.

On a regular basis, it’s an all around bad idea with respect to your dog’s health.

We heard that some owners provide this juice as a way to improve bowel problems, but there are much better alternatives.

K9 Constipation Tips

Passing hard stools is one sign that your dog has a constipation problem. If so, check their stool for traces of blood. You may need to provide these details to a vet if bowel problems persist.

Document your dog’s problem so there’s a clearer picture of what’s going on. Apples, especially the juice, likely won’t help Fido.

Consider that constipation could be a sign of a more serious problem. Sometimes it’s a symptom of colitis which is characterized as inflammation of the colon. Instead of apple juice or some other fruit juice, which won’t help, your dog may require special medication.

For Mild Constipation?

Apple juice is sometimes used as a remedy for mild canine constipation. If you want to try it, make sure yours doesn’t contain added sugar.

Homemade is best. You can mix equal parts of apple juice and water to dilute it. Water, itself, actually works for constipation since dog dehydration is a common culprit.

Administering Pedialyte is also a great option since it contains valuable electrolytes. It’s more effective than apple juice, or even water, for restoring a balance. Give your dog small amounts in frequent intervals.

Well hydrating your dog is very important but don’t rely on apple juice for this purpose.

2 Ideas for Consideration

Instead of apple juice, get your dog exercising more to stimulate regular bowel movements. Take your dog for a long walk at least once a day. But it would be best if your best buddy could run around, as this is a much better form of exercise.

If your dog still has chronic constipation then your vet may recommend pediatric rectal suppositories. These are used for human infants, but they’re also used on dogs.

The best option for digestion, under normal circumstances, is to get a canine-formulated probiotic.

Hydration For Hounds

There are dogs that just aren’t avid drinkers. If your pet is like this, use a dropper or a syringe to trickle down fluids in your dog’s mouth.

You can also entice more drinking by putting partially melted ice cubes in your dog’s water bowl. This will usually do the trick and it’s much preferred to feeding commercial apple juice.

The Bottom Line

Apple juice usually can’t relieve canine constipation. It can also be unhealthy for dogs. The high sugar content is a huge factor.

If you do give your dog apple juice on occasion, serve it sparingly.

Homemade and all-natural is obviously healthier, but any apple juice may cause bowel irregularities. Fresh water is best.

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  1. What can I mix it into my dog’s water to make him drink more?

    1. Try salt-free beef or chicken stock. Either purchased or home-made, you can dilute to a point-maybe 1-part stock to 3-parts water- where the dog still loves it! My Zubin is a blood donor German Shepherd, and, as such, hydration before and after donations is critical.

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