Orange Juice For a Pet Dog? Read This First!

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Orange juice is healthy for humans, but what about for dogs? Is there any reason why OJ should be off limits?

Those are great questions! Here’s the gist of what you need to know:

Can I Give My Dog Orange Juice?This fruit drink, while nutritious, doesn’t make sense for your dog. It’s simply too acidic!

Luckily a small taste of orange juice is no harm done, but try to keep your pet’s life as simple as possible.

Do Not Give Your Dog Orange Juice

It’s not a good idea despite the abundance of vitamin C.

Besides, your dog already produces his or her own ascorbic acid. It is synthesized internally!

If you do share orange juice, it’s important to keep it to a minimum.

Next we’ll explain exactly why withholding OJ is smart…

Too Sugary And Acidic

Store-bought orange juice is not only too sweet but it typically contains questionable additives as well.

Truth be told, even pure OJ has too much sugar!

And again, citric acid just isn’t great for dogs. Stomachaches are common.

Give orange juice regularly and concerns include gastro problems as well as loss of tooth enamel.

That’s not all…

Concentrated orange juice may render your dog’s stools acidic causing a burning sensation when they poo.

At the same time, don’t worry yourself if a bit gets spilled and lapped up off the floor. It’s not a big problem.

Two Healthy Alternatives

Are you looking for a natural and healthy treat to give your dog or something that their taste buds are not used to?

Try some nice baby carrots or slices of apple.

Orange juice won’t be on your veterinarian’s list of things you should give your dog!

An Easy Way to Judge

When you think of giving your dog people foods, which can include some OJ, just picture them out in the wild.

Ask yourself if they were out roaming around, would they eat or drink this?

This is usually a good way to determine if your dog can have something or not.

For example, can they have a bone? Sure, because out in the wild that’s what they’d be gnawing on.

Fresh Water Only

If your dog was left to wonder around they wouldn’t be picking fresh oranges. Instead they’d find a water source and drink until their thirst was quenched.


Water, just from a hydration standpoint, is far superior compared to orange juice.

Do not concern yourself with beverages besides a fresh dish of cool water at all times. Your dog will naturally drink their fill, and will stop when they are no longer thirsty.

The Bottom Line

Dogs obviously do not need to be drinking orange juice.

There are many good reasons to not offer OJ. And sharing is not even a good for hydration.

We strongly urge you to make orange juice off limits to your dog. Besides, it doesn’t have the type of nutrients canines need to thrive.

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  1. Is peach juice OK for dogs?

  2. My dog drank some orange juice last night. I want to know if that’s good or bad.

  3. I am planning a pet parent meetup event featuring mimosas for pet parents, with or without alcohol. I would like to offer some sort of Mutt Mimosa. Per your article, orange juice not recommended for Fido. Perhaps you can suggest a healthy alternative that dogs might like and be consistent with the theme? Thanks!

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