Popsicles For a Pet Pooch? Here’s What You Need To Know!

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Dogs obviously enjoy eating popsicles too!

You’ll be happy to hear that sharing a flavored ice treat is A-OK. In fact, this refreshing dessert can be very useful on hot summer days.

Can I Give My Dog a Popsicle?Your dog, because they’re wearing a fur coat all the time, needs to cool off — particularly during extreme temps!

But in all seriousness…

You can provide your dog with a popsicle.

Of course, this topic is not without controversy. Some pet parents view the idea unfavorably.

It really is a judgement call and here is our take…

Your Dog Can Occasionally Have a Popsicle (preferably homemade)

Just don’t get carried away and feed a whole bunch.

Keep popsicles as a special treat.

Too many in one sitting is a bad idea. Likewise, do not feed your dog ice pops frequently. 

Also strive for natural ingredients if you can.

Popsicles with artificial coloring and sweeteners may be harmful over the long term.

Popsicles Practical For Pets

Dogs really do need to cool off during hot weather conditions to avoid dreaded and downright dangerous dehydration.

So popsicles serve a dual purpose!

They are a great doggy treat as well as a preventive measure. Bonus points for keeping it healthy!

Here’s an idea:

Use Pedialyte or even Gatorade as ingredients in homemade popsicles.

Simply mix a sufficient amount in water and freeze it using a popsicle container. Dilute Gatorade to reduce sugar intake.

Some Other Popsicle Ideas

You can create delicious and nutritious popsicle recipes for your dog.

Put peanut butter and banana in a blender. Then freeze in ice trays or paper cups.

That’s a healthy treat that will also cool down a dog.

Another popsicle idea is yogurt mixed with fresh fruit juice. Place the pureed mixture in the freezer for a wonderful treat.

Last but not least, freezing a carrot or banana is also a great popsicle recipe!

FYI: The above are healthy foods that are also soothing.

Freezing Water Works Too

There is a simple way to avoid feeding your dog unhealthy dessert treats, but also make them feel included.

Just put water in popsicle maker containers – minus the stick!

The thing is pets actually like the coldness more than anything. It is greatly appreciated when there’s a blazing summer sun.

With this approach, your dog can have an ice cold popsicle treat anytime. An ordinary ice tray does the trick!

Popsicles to Rover’s Rescue

There are many cases of dogs losing consciousness from sun exposure.

Heat stroke can easily occur when they get badly dehydrated and the damage can quickly worsen once your dog is weakened and vulnerable.

Hydration is critically important.

Popsicles work to avoid such a scenario. Feeding them is a fun and enjoyable way to share cold treats.

Again, just avoid questionable ingredients.

The Bottom Line

You can give your dog a special popsicle treat.

It’ll help with hydration. So, sometimes sharing one is smart.

Go a step further and make popsicles at home. You’ll keep sugar levels to a minimum and avoid artificial ingredients.

Providing popsicles to your dog doesn’t have to be problematic!

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5 thoughts on “Popsicles For a Pet Pooch? Here’s What You Need To Know!”

  1. At home everyone eats healthy even the 2 dogs we have. They eat lettuce, carrots, broccoli, apples and bananas. I also make oatmeal cookies for them and fruit popsicles!

  2. When it is over 80 degrees I bring ice cubes to the dog park. I have an automatic cube maker in my frig, so I empty the whole tray into a small cooler. Looks like I am bringing beer into the park but I ask handlers if it’s okay if their pooch can have an ice cube. Normally everyone agrees. That is when I put the cooler on the ground and flip the lid open.

    My Lab shows them how to bob for ice cubes so they can help themselves when they want a cool treat. Be cautious of small dogs as they could be a choking hazard. It is an inexpensive way to cool off many dogs and my girl is spoiled on ice cubes – she loves them.

  3. If I squeeze fresh oranges is it okay to freeze it in ice cube trays? If I can, do I have to dilute it? I want to give it to my dog for a summer treat.

    1. Citrus is bad for dogs.

    2. Not all citrus is bad for dogs. They can have oranges in small quantities. I give my 7 pound dog a slice of orange once a week.

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