Does Your Dog Have Bad Gas? How to Address Awful Odors!

Dogs can have downright deadly smelling gas. Are you frustrated by your furry friend’s frequent flatulence? Want a solution to the stink bombs? Good news! Making adjustments to what your dog eats could be the fix. It is likely a Read More …

Want to Feed Your Dog Chickpeas? Read This First!

Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas?

Chickpeas are a fantastic health food. In particular, they pack lots of protein which is something dogs require to thrive. So it would appear that these legumes are a great snack for a 4-legged friend. Right? Hold on! The thing Read More …

Want to Feed Your Dog Lentils? Read This First!

Can Dogs Eat Lentils?

Lentils are an excellent health food, but does this hold true for dogs? Here’s the deal: While there are lots of dangerous foods to withhold from pets, this legume is not one of them! Fed in moderation, lentils won’t harm Read More …

What You Must Know About Feeding Your Dog Beans!

Can I give my dog beans?

Beans can be toxic for dogs if you don’t know what you are doing! Be smart about sharing beans (this includes knowing one kind to avoid feeding)!

Castor Oil For Canine Constipation? Read This First!

Can I give my dog Castor Oil?

Are you wondering if castor oil can relieve your dog’s constipation? It’s great that you’re checking first because, if ingested, this substance could cause some adverse effects. Here’s the deal: Castor oil contains high levels of Ricinoleic acid which, when Read More …