Want to Feed Your Dog Chickpeas? Read This First!

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Chickpeas are a fantastic health food. In particular, they pack lots of protein which is something dogs require to thrive.

Can I Give My Dog Chick Peas?So it would appear that these legumes are a great snack for a 4-legged friend. Right?

Hold on!

The thing is Garbanzo beans are rarely eaten alone. They’re often an ingredient in all sorts of recipes. From hummus to salads, many dishes incorporate chickpeas.

We’d be concerned if your dog, for example, ate garlic, acidic lemon juice, and especially onions.

Your Dog Can Have Plain, Cooked Chick Peas

Stick to feeding small amounts and without extras.

An occasional serving is totally fine. Just don’t make them a substantial part of your dog’s diet.

You have to remember that this food is very filling. Small portions are smart.

Plain And Cooked Chickpeas

Keep it simple: Feed your dog straight chickpeas.

Do so in moderation and be sure to fully cook them.

Pro Tip: Because canned chickpeas usually contain a lot of added salt, it is important to prep your dog’s portions by rinsing off the contents with fresh water.

Chickpeas And Hummus

People like to spice up meals, especially bland-tasting chick peas.

That’s why hummus is arguably inappropriate for dogs. Pre-made hummus usually has spices and other processed ingredients.

Why not make your own hummus, mashing up your chickpeas while keeping it plain!

That’d be safer and way healthier for your dog. It is also cheaper than buying it at the supermarket.

Chickpeas With Other Foods

We’ve already touched on the fact that chickpeas with go garlic as well as onions.

Make no mistake: Both of these ingredients are risky for dogs!

It cannot be stressed enough that you should serve your chickpeas plain.

Packing Protein And Fiber

Chickpeas not only contain plenty of protein but also high levels of dietary fiber.

That matters because, much like pumpkin, garbanzo beans can assist with normalizing your dog’s digestion.

Chickpeas are also without saturated fat, cholesterol or sodium. Added salt, however, is a negative.

For Your Dog’s Digestion

These wonderful beans may also improve your dog’s bowel movements.

Can chickpeas cure canine constipation?

No, but they could help.

A downside to your dog eating chickpeas is the likelihood of excessive gas.

Start out by serving a small portion. This is true when introducing any new food.

Beans can increase Fido’s flatulence.

Beans for Dogs In General

Some view beans as a realistic alternative to protein derived from animal meat.

We can’t argue with that!

Dogs can partake in most types of beans, chickpeas included.

You can add beans to your dog’s diet, but be reasonable.

The Bottom Line

Chick peas won’t be harmful for your dog.

Just be sure to cook them and limit the serving size to a reasonable amount.

Don’t get carried away! Chickpeas are best as an occasional treat.

And bland is best. While you may not like them plain, your dog won’t mind.

Hummus, and other foods incorporating chickpeas, are more risky due to various other added ingredients.

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8 thoughts on “Want to Feed Your Dog Chickpeas? Read This First!”

  1. My dogs like chickpeas as well as carrots, broccoli, asparagus and blueberries.

    1. Your dog sounds like mine. He will eat any dog friendly veggie or fruit. He loves bananas and apples especially. He also loves carrots, chickpeas and cucumber. They are good in small, unseasoned bits. Too much carrot and I need the air freshener though!

  2. Cindy Jones says:

    I make my 12 year old Lab her meals. Just added chick peas to her regular feeding. With broccoli, carrots, green beans, coconut oil, brown rice, eggs (shell too), and sometimes I do kidney beans.

  3. Bob Musselwhite says:

    Can you tell me what the appropriate serving of chickpeas would be for my 16 month old GSD? Thank you.

    1. I think the best thing is moderation and no salt or sugar. I give my dog about half a cup with his biscuits. Any more than that and he stinks up the house up! Carrot sticks are good too, but avoid any other veggies if he’s had chickpeas for lunch.

  4. Jim Roorda says:

    My Min-Pins will eat the walls if I let ’em. For an afternoon treat I give them a veggie treat. One that they particularly like a lot is frozen petite peas. I give a couple of tablespoons each. I think they like the crunchiness of frozen food.

  5. What about cooked green peas? My two dogs love them. Is it safe? Healthy?

    1. Yes! Plain cooked green peas are fine. Some dog foods are pea-based.

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