Castor Oil For Canine Constipation? Read This First!

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Are you wondering if castor oil can relieve your dog’s constipation?

It’s great that you’re checking first because, if ingested, this substance could cause some adverse effects.

Can I Give My Dog Castor Oil?Here’s the deal:

Castor oil contains high levels of Ricinoleic acid which, when absorbed in the small intestine, may be disruptive.

As a laxative, this type of vegetable oil could easily have unintended consequences including vomiting and diarrhea.

Castor Oil Should Only Be Used On Your Dog Externally

Otherwise, it is not so safe.

The good news is that castor oil is a proven skin care remedy and is also known to help with cataracts. Indeed, there are valid uses.

But it cannot be stressed enough…

Castor oil is highly questionable for your dog’s digestive problems. You should avoid such an experimental approach.

Besides, a bout of constipation is typically nothing to worry about as it resolves itself more often than not.

But involve your veterinarian if your dog is regularly having bowel trouble.

Diarrhea: Dogs vs Humans

It is true that castor oil has long been utilized as a natural remedy for constipation. The practice actually goes back to ancient times!

But this was never the case for dogs.

The thing is your furry friend’s digestive system is much faster than that of a human.

While constipation can linger on for many people, it is rarely as severe or long-lasting for a pet dog.

So there’s much more of a need for castor oil among homo sapiens compared to canines. More importantly, the safety profile also is skewed against animal use.

Causes of K9 Constipation

Knowing what backs up your dog’s digestive system may enable you to avoid this situation in the future.

Dogs follow an eat first ask questions later approach to what goes into their systems.

If it fits in the mouth it’s fair game. They’re even known to tear bigger things into bite size pieces in an attempt to see if it’s edible.

Since you can’t keep an eye on what they’re eating 24/7, they are bound to swallow something they shouldn’t.

A furry dog breed may consume enough hair to clog up their system and slow things to a halt until they can release it. Castor oil isn’t going to help.

Sometimes it’s the medication that you’re giving your dog that can cause constipation. Consult with your vet before giving them any such medicine. If this is the case, try discontinuing what you’re giving them if possible.

Sure Signs of Constipation

Simply straining while they poop is not the only sign. Quite the contrary, it could even mean they have diarrhea on the way.

Your dog may run a fever and show no other indications of being constipated. Look for lethargic behavior as well as a tight abdominal region. They may even have trouble breathing as feces backs up in their system.

Getting your dog diagnosed is the first step in fixing the situation.

The Bottom Line

Castor oil is a no-go for canine constipation. Try mashed pumpkin instead.

Keeping your dog and your home hairball-free may reduce instances of constipation. Also, brush your pooch regularly, sweep up hair and vacuum carpets often.

Forget Castor oil.

Please get your dog checked out if their constipation is a persistent problem.

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7 thoughts on “Castor Oil For Canine Constipation? Read This First!”

  1. I’m desperate. My senior Yorkie has been constipated for 5 days. I bought some castor oil today. Should I put some in his food?

  2. Castor oil can be applied on dogs’ skin to treat skin infections. Organic castor oil also helps to reduce itching.

  3. I gave my Chihuahua some castor oil today. She finally had a bowel movement about 4 hours later. She was lethargic and generally not herself. On occasion we have to relief her anal glands. If it doesn’t empty out, many times and it bothers her.

    She’s been eating okay, and we give lots of raw and cooked veggies to our dogs. If she continues to be out of sorts, we will take her to the vet. But for now, the castor oil seemed to do its job since her stool was solid and bigger than usual.

    1. How did you give the castor oil to your dog? With an eye dropper into her mouth? Or over her food?

  4. My cross breed is about 12 years of age. He was a stray and, apparently, he was hit by a car which broke his pelvis. When it healed it narrowed the area for him to do his poop. Over the years he has been given enemas, stool softeners etc., but now these things no longer seem to work very well.

    Every two months I have to take him for a fleet enema which helps for about two months. Is it possible I can give him castor oil? I know it is not recommended to give dogs on a regular basis. But considering his problem, I think this will work. Otherwise, I may have to put him to sleep which I do not want to do as he is such a gentle soul. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Janet. If I were you, I would try lots of things in moderation and Castor Oil isn’t out of the question here. Considering you are thinking of putting him to sleep it is worth a shot. I hope your dog is doing okay today.

  5. Plus your dog will spit it out or refuse it altogether.

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