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Can I Give My Dog Food With Gluten?

Can Dogs Eat Gluten?

Gluten free diets seem like a fad to many folks but that’s simply not true. It’s a misconception by those unaffected by gluten. Even more surprising, dogs can also be affected! It you suffer from this problem then you know how terrible gluten can be. It can ruin quality of life, often without the victim […]

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Can I Give My Dog a Vaccination at Home?

Can Dogs be Vaccinated at Home?

Are you thinking of giving your dog a vaccination shot? Views on vaccinating pets are all over the place and there’s a lot of mistrust, in general, of immunizations. This is an intensely debated issue for dog owners. The internet has spread a lot of doubt about vaccinations, but you definitely still need to vaccinate […]

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Can I Give My Dog the Flu?

Can I give my dog the flu?

So you’ve got the flu and you’re wondering if you can infect your four-legged friend. You need them to help you through it, but don’t want to get them sick. You would like to know for sure it’s possible to pass it to them. There’s good news here: you’ll still be able to snuggle up […]

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Can I Give My Dog a Cold?

Can I give my dog a cold?

Dogs can catch a cold when their immune system isn’t able to effectively fight bacteria or viruses. But the common cold’s underlying cause is usually not based on germs but also on the body’s general well-being. So a cold tends to manifest when other problems are present. In other words, dogs can more easily catch a […]

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Can I Give My Dog Mono?

Can I give my dog mono?

Mono is a viral infection that can cause fever, sore throat and swollen lymph node glands. It can be quite painful. This condition is also known as the kissing disease since it can be transmitted to others through a kiss. With that said, many people are fond of kissing their pets. Most of the time it’s […]

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