Can I Give My Dog The Flu?

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Got a bad case of the Flu? Are you worried your dog is at risk?

That is understandable because nobody wants to expose their precious pet!

Can I Give My Dog The Flu?Here’s the deal:

Dogs also get the flu, but it is nearly impossible for them to catch the human strain of the virus.

In other words, it’s not a contagious scenario to snuggle up with your best buddy.

On the other hand, there is scientific evidence that the flu (or H1N1 specifically) can be passed from animals to people. This phenomenon, which is known as reverse zoonosis, is extremely rare and primarily involves cats.

Your Dog Cannot Get The Flu From a Person

The same is true for the common cold.

Rest assured, you do not need to worry about giving your dog an influenza virus.

The Flu From Fido to You

While theoretically possible, the same is generally true in the opposite direction. It would be extremely rare to catch a cold or the flu from your pet dog (more on this later).

For now, know that it is important that your dog be up to date on all of their vaccinations.

Dogs Help With Recoveries

Receiving plenty of love and affection, when you are feeling under the weather, is key to a recovery.

Petting your dog, and just being around them, can help you bounce back from the flu more quickly.

That said, you should not let a dog lick your face while you’re sick with the flu.

Quarantining yourself or otherwise avoiding a pet is not required. Nevertheless, try not to spread bodily fluids.

Having a faithful friend nearby, when the rest of the family can’t provide close comfort, is an asset. This type of companionship goes a long way psychologically. The flu will pass and you’ll feel fine.

The Truth About Zoonosis

So we have established that the common cold, the flu and even Mononucleosis are not contractible among the two species (dogs and humans).

With that being said, there are diseases and infections that are transmittable from dogs to people.

Rabies is the most notable example of such a scenario. Another is Tuberculosis which is communicable from canines and people and vice versa.

Fortify The Immune System

So, to be clear, dogs can get the flu but it would not be the same stubborn strain of the infectious disease.

Having a strong immune system is the best defense against the flu and other contagious viruses.

Again, there is no need to stress about giving your dog the flu!

The Bottom Line

You can be with your dog even if you are fighting the flu.

You will not get them sick so do not worry. Likewise, dogs dealing with the flu cannot transmit it to a human.

Influenza is easily spread but not among different species. Your dog can help you to feel better soon!

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3 thoughts on “Can I Give My Dog The Flu?”

  1. My husband is sick with the Flu and Bronchitis. Now my dog is sick too. She’s had all her vaccinations and, from what I’m reading, can’t catch the human flu. But it appears to me she has!

  2. I live in a remote area with no houses around and no other dogs around. There are 6 of us and when we get sick with the flu, so do the dogs. They have fast breathing, do not eat, low energy, sad face, confusion and crusty eyes. Nobody that we visit have dogs. It does pass like it does us each time.

  3. Are we going to start Flu vaccinating our pets now as well? Should those who are vaccinated blame their dogs now, like many of those who like to blame un-vaccinated people?

    If Flu viruses are capable, could other viruses also be blamed on the animals we love? Measles, according to many studies, originated from animals and moved to humans. I Wonder!

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