The Truth About Giving Your Dog a Zinc Supplement!

Zinc is an important mineral and dogs also need it to be healthy. With that being said, too much can actually be harmful. Are you wondering if it makes sense to supplement? Here’s the deal: Under normal circumstances, keeping zinc Read More …

Read This Before Giving Your Dog a Lysine Supplement!

It’s rare for a dog to have a Lysine deficiency. This supplement doesn’t make sense for most canines. Learn more about this essential amino acid!

The Truth About Your Dog’s Vitamin D Needs!

When it comes to vitamin D, dogs and humans obtain sufficient amounts in quite different ways. The fact is that people naturally produce it in their skin, but canines do not. Many dogs are indeed lacking in vitamin D3. On Read More …

Can I Give My Dog Vitamin-C? Does Supplementing Make Sense?

Can Dogs Take Vitamin-C?

Owners often get conflicting info about their dog’s vitamin C needs. First off… While it is obviously healthy, rarely do canines require extra. The thing is your dog actually produces their own vitamin-C! People typically require this vitamin much more Read More …

How Much Iron Do Dogs Need? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Can Dogs Benefit from Extra Iron?

Iron is essential for dogs too! Are you wondering if your buddy may need supplementation? Here’s the deal: Iron deficiency is not common though it’s certainly possible. Sometimes it is a sign of an underlying medical problem. The vast majority Read More …

Lactose-Free Milk For a Pet Dog? Read This First!

Can I give my dog lactose free milk?

Is lactose free milk safe for dogs? Does it ever make sense for a pet pooch? Truth be told, most dogs have trouble digesting sugar in regular milk due a genetic intolerance that becomes apparent following their puppy weaning days. Read More …

Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Cashew Nuts!

Can I give my dog cashews?

Want to treat your dog to some cashew nuts? You can share, but don’t get carried away! Learn why it’s a bad idea to feed canines lots of cashews.

Read This Before Putting Your Dog on a Calcium Supplement!

Can I give my dog calcium supplements?

Are you wondering if you should give your dog a calcium supplement? Straight to the point: The right course of action really depends on the situation. The truth is this mineral is nearly automatic when a pet pooch is being Read More …