Can My Dog Take Ritalin? Is It Safe? (Dosing Info Included)

Are you wondering if your dog can take Ritalin for ADHD-like behavior? First thing’s first: There is unfortunately no veterinary equivalent to this well-known central nervous system stimulant ie. Methylphenidate. With that being said, Ritalin is sometimes prescribed to dogs. Read More …

The Truth About Giving Your Dog a Zinc Supplement!

Zinc is an important mineral and dogs also need it to be healthy. With that being said, too much can actually be harmful. Are you wondering if it makes sense to supplement? Here’s the deal: Under normal circumstances, keeping zinc Read More …

Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Cashew Nuts!

Can I give my dog cashews?

Want to treat your dog to some cashew nuts? You can share, but don’t get carried away! Learn why it’s a bad idea to feed canines lots of cashews.