Can I Give My Dog Lentils?

Can I give my dog lentils?Lentils are raved about as being healthy for us humans, but can a dog have them as well? Owning a dog can be a very complicated situation, especially if it is your first time owning one.

Fortunately, most if not all dogs have a very good reputation for being empathetic and caring toward their owners and they often make the very best companions.

There is a reason why even though other animals make great pets, only one is generally known as man’s best friend. It most likely won’t be the behavior that you are going to have trouble with when it comes to raising your dog.

In fact, among all things it is very likely that most of the problems you are going to run into when owning a dog is what exactly to feed it. Dogs can and will literally eat anything (even their own fecal matter if their habits are bad enough), but this does not mean that it is good for them. In fact many of the meals we can easily digest can very well shave years off of a dog’s life if you turn feeding them these kinds of foods into a habit.

Can I Give My Dog Lentils? Answer: Not Necessary

One question people seem to raise quite often is whether or not beans such as lentils make a healthy meal. The bean food group can be a tricky thing to manage when it comes to feeding your dog. There are plenty of different kinds of beans, and your dog will likely not be able to digest some of them well. While it would generally be a good idea to avoid the beans that are likely to give you a bout of indigestion as well, lentils are actually quite harmless.

As a matter of fact, if cooked well, lentils can make a good meal for your dog. Not only will they enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal, but it will also be quite healthy for your dog.

Why Some Legumes Can Be Bad for Dogs
It is probably a good idea to simply stick to lentils when it comes to feeding your dog food from the bean group. There are many different kinds of beans out there and some can give your dog bouts of indigestion. It could stress your dog out and might lead to some behavioral changes, as well as very bad bouts of gas, which can be quite a shock for anyone near your lovable pet.

What to Watch Out For
There are plenty more ingredients that would-be chefs often add in along with lentils to make the meal a more wholesome experience. While your human guests are likely to thank you for such a delicious meal, it can be very dangerous to serve your dog the same thing, though they will still likely thank you for it.

This is due to the fact that dogs have a very simple digestive tract, which can only break down certain kinds of food. This does not include processed food of any kind, nor does it include treats such as chocolate or pastries. The one thing to truly watch out for however is the onion. It can be very bad for your dog, and while it is often prepared with lentils, do not do so when preparing food for your pet.

Other Foods to Consider
While lentils on their own if cooked well make a plenty good enough meal on its own, adding certain things such as protein and vegetables can really liven up the meal and keep your dog happy and healthy. Chicken, beef or turkey make good meals that go along with lentils if properly prepared and ground by a food processor. In fact all it takes to complete a meal of lentils is a plate of scrambled eggs – it will give your dog all the protein they need.

If all else fails, pet food makes a great source of all the nutritional needs of your pet, but it is important that your dog eats at least one home-cooked meal a week. This ensures that the stomach of your dog does not get too sensitive due to only eating one type of food. A little bit of everything makes a healthy stomach – so long as you are sure that unsafe food groups for dogs aren’t part of that everything.

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