Can I Give My Dog Lentils?

Can I Give My Dog Lentils?Lentils are a health food, but is that true for dogs? Sharing this legume comes with pros and cons. Learn more here so you can make up your own mind.

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There are many dangerous foods that need to be withheld from pets. The lentil, thankfully, is not considered one of them. They aren’t harmful for dogs.

Legumes, and lentils in particular, are tempting to feed to a pet dog. You want to share this bean’sĀ valuable nutrients. Doing so is okay, but there are downsides.

Can I Give My Dog Some Lentils? Answer: Yes

They’re a great source of protein, zinc, iron and fiber but Fido could be gassy afterwards.

The most consistent way to incorporate this nutritious legume into your dog’s diet is with a high-quality duck, rice and lentils dog food formula. The Omega 6 & 3 will help keep their skin and coat looking beautiful. Pure lentils, while harmless and healthy, may cause mild digestive issues if too much is fed.

Some beans cause bouts of indigestion and excessive gas. Give your dog lentils, or chickpeas, but remember canines require meat protein to thrive.

Lentils for Dog Diabetes

This ancient food is a favorite of diabetics due to the starch makeup. Talk with your vet about adding lentils whether they have diabetes or not.

Alternatively, if you are caring for a geriatric, there’s a fantastic grain-free chicken and lentils formula made specifically for older dogs.

Food Supplement for Fido

Lentils, and some grains, can be added to regular canine meals. You can do this by mixing healthy beans with your dog’s food. Hopefully theirĀ stomach agrees.

It’s best to start out by providing small amounts of lentils. Observe your dog for signs of digestive or bowel issues. This is the case when introducing any new food to a furry friend.

Soak Legumes in Water

No food is perfect and there are negative aspects to lentils, even for humans. Trypsin inhibitors, and somewhat high levels of phytate, aren’t considered this legume’s best attributes.

Reduce phytates by soaking lentils in warm water overnight. This preparation technique applies to both you and your pet dog.

A Lentil Soup Lesson

We don’t recommend lentil soup for dogs unless it’s homemade. Store-bought lentil soup is likely to contain preservatives and other questionable ingredients likeĀ onions.

Always know exactly what you’re feeding your dog. This is one of many reasons why cooking at home is healthier. It’s best to avoid cheap, mass produced lentil soup.

Packing on the Protein

Cooked plain lentils is a great meal on its own, but adding certain vegetables and meat will liven things up. Keep your dog happy and healthy by incorporating chicken, beef or turkeyĀ with lentils.

A meat and lentil combination makes sense since it’ll be loaded with protein.Ā On a per calorie basis, only soybeans contain more protein than lentils. Great for dogs!

Conclusion on Lentils

You can give your dog lentils. They have valuable nutrients, particularly protein, and aren’t toxic. Lentils offer health benefits for dogs, but don’t overdo it. An increase in flatulence is possible as well as gastro upset and irregular bowel movements. Small portions, mixed in with regular chow, is a good way to provide plain cooked lentils to a pet dog.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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