Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Watermelon!

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You’ll be happy to hear that watermelon makes for an excellent treat for your dog.

It’s not only nutritious, but also hydrating and low in calories.

While dogs generally do not handle fruits as well as humans, if you go easy, this juicy melon can be digested without incident and even be beneficial.

Can I Give My Dog Watermelon?A few slices of watermelon is actually a great way to cool down your canine—what a great thirst quencher in the summer time!

Just be sure to remove any seeds and don’t overdo it.

Your Dog Can Eat Seedless Watermelon (in moderation)

Kudos for thinking of this terrific tactical treat!

Now, let’s get into the juicy details…

Regarding Seeds And Rinds

Remove the seeds whenever feeding your dog watermelon or cantaloupe.

This is important because your buddy will be less likely to get an upset stomach.

Honestly, the seeds do not pose as much of a problem as other fruit pits. Remove them anyway.

Simplify, as much as possible, everything your dog gets to eat.

Regarding watermelon rinds, we do not recommend this part of the fruit.

Similar to cucumbers, the rind is not nearly as nutritious as the juicy red center. It also can’t hydrate.

It’s Healthy For Hounds Too

Watermelon packs plenty of beta-carotene, magnesium, vitamin A, potassium and vitamin C.

These attributes are good for dogs too, particularly for their immune system.

By the way, watermelon is mostly water. That makes it a light treat.

No doubt, this fruit is healthy for your dog.

That’s not all. It is also very useful…

Watermelon Can Hydrate

Some argue that watermelon is slightly diuretic and can’t hydrate a dog.

We totally disagree because it’s made up of 91% H2O! A dog will be better hydrated after eating their fair share of watermelon.

There is, however, a valid argument to be reasonable with this fruit.

A Dog Digestion Dilemma

You obviously don’t want your dog to have irregular bowel movements.

So, this must be said:

Too much watermelon can contribute to a bout of diarrhea.

And melons, in general, may not sit well with your dog’s digestive system. That wouldn’t be a surprise.

Here is the simple solution…

Moderation Really is a Must

Limit how much watermelon your dog gets to eat.

Skip it all together if you notice a pattern of the squirts or loose stools.

This is why giving only a few slices your best bet.

That’s not all…

Dogs that eat watermelon may experience increased urination.

More importantly, doggie diarrhea means replenishment of water is likely needed.

Feeding Fruits in General

We aren’t against small servings of fruits, but some are seriously off limits to dogs.

Grapes are one example of the potential dangers.

Even with watermelon you should ration for your dog because, again, too much can cause canine complications. Don’t get carried away.

The Bottom Line

Dogs can be fed watermelon. It’s a wonderful low-calorie treat.

The only downside to this fruit is that sometimes diarrhea occurs.

Go easy with portions!

Give your dog small amounts of seedless, rindless watermelon for an uneventful yet enjoyable experience.

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10 thoughts on “Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Watermelon!”

  1. My dog ate a lot of watermelon rind. Will it make him urinate pinkish red or have poop that looks like it may have some blood in it?

  2. Watermelon is good for dogs, but don’t go overboard. There are other fruits and vegetables that your dog can have. Portion control is always important.

  3. I have been giving my Chiweenie watermelon and noticed that he gets a rash on his stomach area. I will have to stop giving him this tasty treat.

  4. Thank you for all your comments and advice. I just gave my little dog a piece of watermelon for the first time. He really liked it. He also has allergies and is on special food. I need to just watch and make sure it agrees with him.

  5. My Labradoodle stole half a watermelon off the counter tonight and ate the whole thing. It is good to know that it isn’t toxic. I will watch her, of course, for reactions. Right now she just looks pleased with herself.

    1. My Newfoundland/Lab mix did this same thing while I was working out this morning. I got home and heard wet crunching noise. It took me a moment to realize what it was even. He was just finishing the last piece of rind, and he looked so very happy with himself. I feel better knowing he’s not the only one.

  6. I just started giving my dogs watermelon and they love it which surprised me since they don’t care for some fruits. I give them a little less than cup, they’ve have had no bad reaction to it. I have cooked chicken and beef for them since they were pups, making sure to remove fat and bones.

    I give them about a half cup meat with holistic dog kibble and usually put in carrots and/or green beans with it. I was wondering if giving them watermelon, for more than two days in a row, was safe. I just know that it’s hot and they like it.

  7. Our dog has serious allergies and can’t eat much of anything, particularly any type of protein. She eats a special prescription food and never gets any kind of treat. Maybe it’s silly but it makes me sad. I gave her a few pieces of plain lettuce once and she loved it. Now I’m wondering about small quantities of watermelon, since it’s almost entirely water. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Joe. One of my Shih Tzu has a sensitive tummy and always reacts negatively, usually softish stools, when she’s consumed something that her digestive system isn’t accustomed to. After we moved from England to Cyprus, where the weather is very hot, especially now, I have been giving her a lot of watermelon. She loves it and her tummy is better too.

      I’d start with a small chunk and watch. I would, though, not give it to her 2 hours before or after her regular meal. You know how it’s bad for us to stuff everything in our stomach in one go; it’s the same for them. Just give watermelon as a snack.

      I wouldn’t even ask my vet because they don’t know everything. When it comes to prescribing meds they are good but as soon as you ask for other advice, they aren’t decisive. Good luck!

  8. We give our dogs a lot of ‘people’ food, such as greens. My dogs love Bok Choy and they actually get mad if they don’t get some after their dinner. Watermelon would also be a great treat.

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