Giving Your Dog Grapes Would Be a Grave Mistake — Here’s Why!

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Grapes are delicious but, for dogs, they can be extremely harmful — even fatal!

Can Dogs Have Grapes?

The exact reasons for toxicity aren’t fully understood. Nevertheless, sharing even a small amount of grapes with your dog is too risky.

Though some canines aren’t seriously affected, reactions are entirely unpredictable. Kidney failure is a particularly serious concern when feeding this otherwise healthy treat.

Grapes Are Downright Dangerous For Dogs

This is a well-documented phenomenon.

Just a few grapes can cause severe complications. Your dog could suffer rapid loss of kidney function and anuria (a lack of urine production).

For serious cases of grape poisoning, without signs of improvement, vets will often suggest putting the animal down (ie. euthanasia).

It cannot be stressed enough:

Grapes can cause a slow and painful death. Keep them out of reach! This also goes for raisins!

Exactly Why So Toxic?

Why are grapes so dangerous for dogs?

Well, unfortunately nobody knows!

Experts cannot fully explain it, but take a look at this pathology report to learn as much as possible.


Acute renal failure can occur in some dogs following grape consumption. An attack on the kidneys can be abrupt and deadly.

K9 Curiosity Can Kill

Your animal is obviously a curious creature.

Is a vine of grapes growing in your neighbor’s yard and in your dog’s vicinity? Have a fresh bowl of this fruit sitting on your kitchen counter-top?

Again, not all dogs react terribly to grapes. In fact, more than half don’t experience adverse reactions.

Play it safe anyway!

A Grave Grape Mishap

Know what to look for if you suspect even a small amount of grapes were eaten. This way you will be able to react quickly when necessary.

If your dog has diarrhea, or is vomiting, it’s indicative of the first signs.

A lack of appetite, stomachache, lethargy or general weakness and little to no urination is also possible.

Preventing Absorption

Ideally, you want your dog to vomit to reduce absorption via the kidneys.

A single grape (or just 2 or 3) can make doing this imperative. That’s why activated charcoal is useful.

Another technique is to introduce fluids, often intravenously, to flush out and replace tainted vital fluids.

Get a professional’s help if your dog is suffering as a result of consuming grapes.

Increase Survival Odds

Phone your veterinarian if you suspect something is wrong. A urgent visit could be needed depending on severity and other factors.

Good medical equipment could save your dog’s life if grape poisoning occurs. Dogs have a higher survival rate when put on certain medications as well as an IV drip.

If you rushed your dog in, after they’ve eaten many grapes, take heart that you did the right thing.

The Bottom Line

Dogs should never be allowed to eat grapes. Sharing may cause a lot of suffering followed by death.

Keep this fruit well out of reach in order to prevent poisoning a pet pooch.

Immediately go to a vet if your dog somehow ate some grapes. There could be no harm done, but the situation could also be quite dire.

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3 thoughts on “Giving Your Dog Grapes Would Be a Grave Mistake — Here’s Why!”

  1. What about grape seed extract? I’ve read somewhere that it’s safe for K9s.

  2. My Chesapeake has just been diagnosed with liver disease. Can it be reversed with a special diet? I was just checking as to what you think.

    1. Hi Barbara. Certainly grapes are not what you are looking for! If your dog was diagnosed with a liver disease then the best person to advise you on a special diet is your vet.

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