Pancakes For a Pet Dog? Read This First!

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Being a classic breakfast food, most dogs are familiar with delicious pancakes. They make for an attractive target!

Can I Give My Dog Pancakes?We’ve got some helpful advice for you if your dog focuses on that pancake sitting on your plate.

Here’s the deal:

It’s a bad idea to feed even a plain pancake and certainly not one that is loaded up with syrup, nuts or other tasty treats.

Your Dog Should Not Have Pancakes

At the very least, don’t make it a regular thing.

Allowing your dog to eat pancakes could easily turn into a bad feeding habit. But that’s not all…

Pancakes will eventually contribute to health problems like obesity and diabetes. You really should strictly limit unhealthy foods for your dog’s sake.

Further, there are specific ingredients that go with this popular morning meal that are seriously off limits. Keep reading!

Pancake’s Ingredients

Keep it very simple if you still plan to treat your dog to a pancake.

That means no chocolate or nuts! Adding these could be life threatening to a dog!

Other popular pancake toppings such as butter, whipped cream and syrups should be avoided as well.

Limit fat, sugar and milk or dairy too.

These unhealthy fats and sugars makes for a poor diet. This is especially true for a precious pet dog.

Limiting People Foods

Many human foods present something of a grey area.

Sure, it’s usually the case that owners feed all sorts of things for their dogs without incident.

But raisins, grapes, and several types of nuts can be dangerous while plain pancakes aren’t actually toxic.

The point is people foods can be risky if you are not fully aware of all the ingredients.

Have a Healthy Hound

It is just as important to provide nourishment.

Just because pancakes likely won’t be an immediate issue for your dog doesn’t mean they are healthy.

In particular, limit how much salt your dog gets to consume. Too much sodium may cause high blood pressure and many other medical conditions.

Dogs easily develop dietary-related health problems. Stay on top of your buddy’s diet for optimal health.

Fido’s Feeding Habits

Being proactive in the development of good eating habits (preferably when a dog is still a puppy) is the way to go.

There will eventually be behavioral consequences if you regularly feed your dog things like pancakes.

It’s a no brainer! You don’t want your dog to beg for unhealthy treats at the kitchen table.

Teach them while they’re young and they won’t crave breakfast time foods, pancakes included.

The Bottom Line

Your dog can have a single pancake.

But too many or too often though can contribute to health problems later on. Pancakes are basically just filler.

As a treat, once in awhile, it’s okay but there are much better feeding options for dogs.

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  1. Why does it say you can’t feed your dogs tortillas because of wheat and grains in flour? The same flour is in pancakes, but it says you can feed your dog pancakes occasionally!

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