What To Expect If Your Dog Eats Macadamia Nuts And What You Should Do!

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Straight to the point: Macadamia nuts should be off limits to your dog.

Yup, it’s true. This otherwise nutritious nut should never be shared due to a high potential for harm.

Can I Give My Dog Macadamia Nuts?Do not even think about feeding a few. Too dangerous!

While many types of nuts are questionable for animals, Macadamia is particularly bad for dogs.

Why they are toxic is not exactly known.

Nevertheless, harmful effects are a reality and there is no antidote for poisoning.

Do Not Feed Your Dog Any Macadamia Nuts

Avoid giving even a small amount. Why risk it?


The amount of fat in macadamias means that, irregardless of toxicity, they make for an unhealthy dog treat. This is a textbook example of a people food that makes absolutely no sense for pets!

How Many Macadamia Nuts Are Harmful?

There is cause for serious concern if your dog somehow got into a jar of macadamias.

How much do they need to eat exactly?

It is really hard to say but amounts over 1 gram per pound of your dog’s body weight would be worrisome.

The exact answer is a wildcard because there is a wide range of sensitivity. Again, your dog may or may not be affected by consuming a small amount of macadamia nuts.

In any case, a vet visit is highly recommended regardless of how much was eaten.

It cannot be stressed enough: Left untreated, macadamia poisoning can be quite serious.

The Telltale Symptoms To Watch For

Toxicosis resulting from macadamias typically occur up to 12 hours later.

Some of the effects are very similar to your quintessential allergic reaction.

In addition, your dog may seem weak. Their mood could become depressed. They may vomit, with stomach pains and have a fever.

Macadamia nuts can also cause joint pain, ataxia (loss of coordination) or tremors.

Have a Macadamia Pet Poisoning Plan

Treatment for macadamia nut poisoning depends on the severity of symptoms.

It could just be a matter of close observation. On the other hand, any indication of the situation being serious requires an emergency vet visit.

Most macadamia toxicity can be passed by vomiting or, over time, through normal digestive tract functions.

A veterinarian, if necessary, may use activated charcoal or some other means to reduce harmful absorption before it overwhelms the body via the bloodstream.

Thankfully most dogs recover in a relatively short period of time if they get prompt medical attention.

When in doubt, be sure to head to the nearest clinic for your pet’s sake.

Regarding Nuts In General

With so many types of nuts, it is difficult to address all of the dangers — of which there are many!

Head over to the broader topic of dogs and nuts in general.

For quick reference here, the following nuts are potentially dangerous:

Kola, Pistacia, Pine, Pecans, Almonds, Walnuts, Earth, Heart, Queensland, Brazil, Paradise, Mongongo, Juniper Berries, Colocynth, Pili, Mamoncillo, Chestnuts, Indian, Water Caltrops, Chufa, Gevuina Avellana.

Butternut, Tiger, Hazelnut, Filberts, Para, Jesuit, Cucurbita Ficifolia, Beech, Pinyon, Oak Acorns, Kluwak, Chinkapins, Pistachios, Cashews, Indian Beech, Maya, Gingko, Cobnuts, Sapucia, Ogbono and Sapucaya.

The Bottom Line

Macadamia nuts are easily toxic for dogs. Keep your supply out of reach!

The only good news is that poisoning does not have to be fatal.

If need be, act fast to save your dog. Go to a vet if your buddy has eaten any amount of macadamia nuts. Do not delay!

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2 thoughts on “What To Expect If Your Dog Eats Macadamia Nuts And What You Should Do!”

  1. Dogs can get an upset stomach from this, but pancreatitis the big concern!

  2. Actually, Wikipedia may have identified what may make Macadamia nuts fatal to dogs if they eat it. I own three dogs and I always keep them away from things like this knowing how consequential they are to their health.

    They have Cyanogenic Glycosides in them when they are made. They are made edible to humans, but dogs cannot process material that contain certain ingredients.

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