Read This Before Giving Your Dog Eggplant!

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Does your curious canine have their eyes on eggplant?

You want to know if there’s anything wrong with feeding this veggie to your dog. Healthy or harmful?

Can I Give My Dog Eggplant?Here’s the deal:

Eggplant is classified as a Nightshade and some dogs are affected by these foods (though feeding a small amount won’t necessarily be harmful).

The truth is a bit of leftover Eggplant Parmesan likely isn’t a problem. Just be mindful of a slight possibility that your dog is allergic.

Small and plain portions are advised.

Dogs Can Have Eggplant

Serve just a little and keep a watchful eye for bad reactions.

Eggplant (AKA aubergine) is healthy when tolerated.

If your dog is not allergic they could benefit from the vitamins and minerals. Being low in fat and calories makes it an attractive treat.

More good news:

Eggplant compares well against potatoes which are high in starch and aren’t as nutritious.

Basically, this food (in moderation) is fine for most dogs.

Go Easy With The Eggplant

Despite the nutrition, avoid overfeeding your best buddy this vegetable.

Eggplant, even with all the excellent attributes, cannot provide the protein your dog needs to thrive.

So don’t get carried away with portions and, if possible, prepare it yourself — this way you’ll know exactly what other ingredients are in the meal.

Caution: Other foods that go well with eggplant, such as garlic, could be harmful for your dog.

Grill It, Bake It or Boil It

Prepare the eggplant in a way that reduces a likelihood of certain symptoms. Simple is always better.

Cook your eggplant thoroughly to reduce your dog’s risks.

Grilling, baking or boiling this purple plant is much healthier than frying it. Complicated recipes are questionable for canines.

And don’t forget that eggplant alone certainly isn’t going to cut it!

When Eggplant is Not OK

Does your dog have kidney problems?

If so, eggplant probably isn’t for them. The high oxalate levels may complicate their condition.

Play it safe. Be sure to speak with your vet before adding eggplant to your dog’s diet.

Allergic Reactions Possible

A dog must be monitored any time a new food is added to their world. Obviously if you know a pet is atopic (meaning hypersensitive) then eggplant is off limits.

Diarrhea is not uncommon after an animal eats their fair share of eggplant.

More serious signs include:

  • Vomiting
  • Itchiness
  • Rashes
  • Upset stomach
  • Headaches

The Nightshade Controversy

Eggplant has a bad reputation with some people.

The relation to nightshade is a deal breaker for many folks. Normally though, eggplant is not poisonous for dogs (in small portions).

It is not actually toxic for canines, but it could be that your particular dog is prone to bad reactions to eggplant. That is why we strongly recommend close observation.

The Bottom Line

Plant foods in general (particularly Nightshades) can be harmful for dogs.

Thankfully eggplant is not known to be dangerous. But the thing is dogs with kidney problems should not get to partake in eggplant due to the oxalates. Some animals may also be allergic.

Do this:

Give only a small amount of eggplant and watch for any negative reactions.

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  1. Stranger Danger says:

    Is there a difference between feeding dogs regular eggplants and Thai eggplants?

  2. You mention that dogs need meat. This is categorically untrue. One of the oldest dogs recorded was vegan and dogs can live a perfectly healthy vegan life. Thank you for the rest of the eggplant related information though.

    1. It’s very harmful to make a dog eat a vegan diet. There are very negative effects. Why would someone do that to their dog?

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