Want to Feed Your Dog Melon? Read This First!

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Who doesn’t like eating melon!

Cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew are mouth watering. Most dogs love this refreshing and nutritious treat (especially in the summer).

Can I Give My Dog Melon?Fear not! It’s totally fine to feed Fido this fabulous fruit.

A bit of melon won’t harm your dog. With that being said, canines generally do not process fruits as well as humans.

So here’s the deal:

Play it safe. Limit frequency and portion size when providing a pet with melon.

And don’t lose sight of the fact that dogs require carnivorous meals (not so much of nature’s sweet treats).

You Can Give Your Dog Some Melon

It is OK to share a small amount with a best buddy.

Most dogs enjoy melon such as cantaloupe. Among other benefits, they can help to keep a furry friend hydrated because they contain lots of water. Your dog will feel cool and refreshed, especially when it’s hot outside!

Of course…

Do not overly depend on melon for a hound’s hydration. Stick to serving it fresh and seedless and, again, share only occasionally.

Melons and Dog Food

A bit of ripe melon can occasionally compliment canine chow. After all, this amazing fruit contains valuable antioxidants.

Although melons are fairly safe for dogs, we are going to offer up a few reasons why fruits should only be given occasionally.

In other words:

There are benefits, but do not get carried away.

For one, giving people foods too often (including melon) can cause your dog becoming a picky eater. In turn, they could begin to lack in essential nutrients with calcium and protein of particular concern.

Downsides For Dogs

Go overboard and fruits (like melon or watermelon) can have some negative effects.

Not only that:

It’s possible for the seeds to block the intestinal tract. They are not easily digestible.

Seeds can be harmful to people too. They certainly have a potential to be dangerous for your dog.

Another adverse effect as a result of giving too much melon to a dog?

Loose stools or diarrhea.

Again, melons have high watery content (which is a double edged sword). It hydrates but it can make poop really soft.

Melon only in moderation!

Best Tips For Sharing

Only give your dog fresh melon in bits and pieces.

Be sure to cut up portions so they are easily digestible (with no chance of a blockage occurring).

Minimize risks!

And avoid those fruity and smoothie melon concoctions. Too much milk and sugar!

Shakes and other liquid preparations typically have added ingredients that aren’t really suitable for pet dogs.

The Bottom Line

You can share melon with your dog.

It’s a nutritious and hydrating treat. However, you should go easy!

Remember that dogs often can’t process fruits as well as the human digestive system routinely can.

So do not be alarmed or surprised if the dog has diarrhea after eating melon.

Stick to small portions only.

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4 thoughts on “Want to Feed Your Dog Melon? Read This First!”

  1. My dog has just eaten a small paddy melon out in our paddock. Are these harmful to dogs?

  2. My dog ate a thin slice of melon yesterday. I have been up for most of the night after she became sick. Would I give my dog melon again? No!

    1. What kind of melon was it?

  3. Our friend’s dog has died after being allowed to eat a whole melon including the seeds. After about four days he passed a large number of seeds but was very subdued and passed away two days later.

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