Share Smartly And Your Dog Can Have Cantaloupe!

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Many people find it tempting to share cantaloupe with their dogs!

What to do if your animal wants a taste of this juicy melon?

You certainly aren’t alone in making such a decision, especially during the hot summer months.

Can I Give My Dog Cantaloupe?The truth is that canines can chow down. Cantaloupe has no toxicity whatsoever.

But hold on! That’s not to say this fruit will totally agree with your dog’s stomach.

This marvelous melon makes for an excellent treat assuming no digestion disruption occurs.

The key is to be smart about feeding your dog cantaloupe. Start out with a tiny amount to see how it is tolerated.

Your Dog Can Eat Cantaloupe (in moderation)

As with most fruits, diarrhea is a real concern.

Provide small portions and cantaloupe is usually a wonderful treat for a pet dog.

For sure, sliced cantaloupe or watermelon are both great for sharing when the weather’s hot!

Caution: Due to the high sugar content, it is probably best to avoid giving cantaloupe to a diabetic dog.

The Cantaloupe’s Nutrition

This melon fruit has high levels vitamin C, vitamin A and beta-Carotene. And it’s also a great source of potassium, fiber and folic acid.

These are great attributes, but something needs to be pointed out:

Your buddy likely gets enough of these vitamins from their dog food. Further, canines normally self-produce vitamin C.

With that being said, cantaloupe can still be healthy and enjoyable for dogs.

Fun Fact: Pumpkin and cucumber, which are also four-legged friend friendly, belong to the same plant family as cantaloupe!

Antioxidants And Older Dogs

Cantaloupe actually makes even more sense for dogs getting up in years.

The reason?

It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Some older dogs may not produce enough vitamin C which contributes to poor health.

Of course, it can be difficult to know if your dog actually needs the extra vitamins. But if they can handle this fruit, also known as Cucumis melo, it will generally be beneficial.

How to Serve This Melon

The following are a few helpful tips for sharing cantaloupe (or muskmelon).

For one…

Do not let your dog eat or lick the outside surface because it is known to carry potentially harmful bacteria such as Salmonella.

So, be sure to discard the outside layer as well as the seeds. They can also be tough on your dog’s stomach.

Are you wondering what a good serving size is for dogs?

Go with two slices (but it really depends on your pet’s size). Be conservative and start out with a small 1 or 2 inch wedge and see how they take to it.

Check out how this Shar-Pei handles cantaloupe!

The Bottom Line

Pet dogs can be fed cantaloupe.

It is a healthy choice and a winner. Just go easy!

Think of this fabulous fruit as a special hydrating treat, even though animals certainly don’t require it.

Just watch over your dog, particularly when feeding cantaloupe the first time as diarrhea is a real possibility.

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4 thoughts on “Share Smartly And Your Dog Can Have Cantaloupe!”

  1. My nana and papa’s old dog liked cantaloupe. She was a black and white English Springer Spaniel and lived to be 17.

  2. My Chihuahua loves watermelon and bananas. I haven’t tried her on cantaloupe yet. She also loves sweet potatoes.

  3. Thorn is my two year old and the love of my life. Whenever I can find a treat he likes, he gets it! He loves cantaloupe. I cut it in small pieces and we share.

  4. Our Shih Tzus are on high alert as soon as we bring a melon into the house! They love it so much that they will sit in front of the refrigerator until the melon appears again, hopefully in sliced form.

    They watch every bite being taken and beg for bites of their own. I have seen them take the melon chunk from our forks before it gets to our mouths. They don’t love anything else this much.

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