Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Cucumbers!

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So you came here wondering if your dog should be allowed to eat cucumbers. It’s good that you’re checking before letting him or her take that first bite!

Fortunately, cucumbers are on the safe list of vegetables for dogs.

But there is much more to know about this topic. Only let your pet pooch pounce on a crunchy cuke after you get the full scoop here!

Your Dog Can Eat Cucumbers

They’re low in calories and high in vitamins and nutrients. Plus they are naturally full of water. So a few fresh slices would be a fantastic treat (especially on hot days)!

Though your dog is mostly carnivorous by nature, cucumbers are recommended as an occasional snack.

Sharing with your best buddy makes sense!

slices of cucumber on a wooden cutting board
Cucumbers (in moderation) are a safe treat for dogs.

Cucumber Benefits For Dogs

Cucumbers are can be beneficial to your dog in several ways.

They can help by:

  • Providing cancer-fighting antioxidants
  • Promoting healthy hydration
  • Being a low carb treat for diabetic dogs

Lots of vitamins and minerals

Cucumbers are a healthy source of vitamins A, B, C, and K. They also contain minerals including magnesium, phosphorous, copper, and potassium.

These vitamins and minerals help support dogs’ immune systems, promote strong bones, and even keep their liver and kidneys healthy.

Your dog may also get a burst of energy due to the vitamin-B.

Can I give my dog cucumbers? Slices of cucumber on white background
Be sure to slice or chop your cucumber before feeding it to your dog.

Cucumbers For Bad Breath

This veggie has a unique ability to reduce bad doggie breath.

The reason?

Cucumber contains phytochemicals that kill stinky bacteria. A few bites or even a few slices added to a water bowl can help fight halitosis.

Cucumbers For Arthritic Dogs

Being plant-based, cucumbers contain lots of desirable nutrients. One such attribute is silica which happens to be super beneficial for bones and joints.

Lots of older dogs have arthritis-related aches and pains, so cucumbers could (at least in theory) reduce debilitating stiffness and discomfort.

Cucumbers And K9 Obesity

Being low in calories, cucumbers are a super lightweight food.

Why is that so great?

Because you don’t want to make your dog sluggish with a bunch of carb-heavy calories. Compared to the usual dog bone which has upwards of 80 calories or more, a few slices of cucumber has less than 10 calories.

This makes them a great treat for dogs that are diabetic or on any calorie restricted diet.

So do this:

Incorporate some sliced cucumbers as part of a workout routine!

It’s a great habit to get into. Hopefully your dog likes the taste!

FYI: Obviously hydration is very important and cucumbers are mostly made up of water!

Can Cucumbers Make My Dog Sick?

Dr. Seabolt says cucumbers (but not pickles) are healthy for dogs to eat as long as they don’t upset his tummy.

“Some dogs will get an upset stomach from eating cucumbers-especially if you give them too much. To be safe, limit people food to 10% or less of your dogs daily diet. If your dog has vomiting, diarrhea, or bad gas after eating cucumbers, then I recommend you avoid using cucumbers as treats in the future.

Additionally, you need to be careful of choking. Make sure to slice or chop up the cucumber before feeding them to your dog. The smaller your dog is, the smaller the pieces should be.”

Is your dog is unhealthy or diabetic?

Be sure to speak with your pet’s veterinarian about what fruits and veggies can be given to improve their well-being.

chef in white apron peeling cucumber with peeler on wooden cutting board
Peeling cucumbers may make them more tasty for your dog.

Can dogs eat cucumber skin?

The skin of cucumbers is fine for dogs, but they may not like it. If your pooch is turning down your cucumber treats, try removing the skin first which could make this veggie more bitter.

Also, keep in mind that cucumber skin can have herbicide and pesticide residue.

Choosing organic produce is recommended, but at least be sure to wash your cukes before eating them with your pet.

Homemade cucumber treats for dogs

If your pet isn’t interested in the flavor of a plain cucumber, try making them some special treats. Here are a couple of fun recipes you can try to add a little cucumber into your dog’s diet.

Try these:

The Bottom Line

Crunchy green cucumbers, like zucchini and broccoli, are good for everyone including your four-legged friend.

In fact, fresh cucumber is a suitable (amazing actually) snack for dogs. There are many health benefits but also practical reasons for sharing.

And cucumbers are useful for behavioral training, as well as increasing energy and for reducing bad breath.

This food is certainly a winner for dogs. You can safely give some slices to your curious canine!

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8 thoughts on “Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Cucumbers!”

  1. I like cucumbers. I am glad they’re good for dogs.

  2. My Shih Tzu loves cucumbers. These are treats that are healthy, good for arthritis, inflammation, a nice cool treat and good for his teeth and breath.

    I replaced his other treats for cucumbers, bits of carrots and apples. I just mention cucumber and he runs to fridge. We both enjoy a long cucumber each and every day.

    1. Do you peel the cucumbers for your dog?

      1. No, my dog will eat them either way! She is a 50 pound Lab-mix and simply loves cucumbers. I think the skin adds a little crunch!

  3. Too bad my dog doesn’t like cucumbers 🙁

    1. I believe in feeding my 3 furry babies every 8 hours for better metabolism. Just like people, more smaller meals makes us lean and feel better. And, mixing in some lean turkey or chicken and a little healthy green veggie is perfect! Try it!

  4. Cucumber helps to heal a range of illnesses including lung, stomach and chest problem, gout, arthritis and tapeworm.

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