Want to Feed Your Dog Beets? Read This First!

Can Dogs Eat Beets?

Beets are obviously healthy and you’ll be happy to hear this applies to dogs as well. Yup! This root vegetable is not only nutritious, but it can also improve your canine’s skin and coat. For sure, you can allow your Read More …

Coconut Oil For a Pet Dog? Read This First!

Can I give my dog coconut oil?

Coconut oil has lots of uses and health benefits, but for a pet dog? Absolutely! Your canine’s skin and fur coat may noticeably improve when coconut oil is regularly applied. Itchiness, hot spots, minor cuts and wounds also respond to Read More …

Read This Before Making a Habit of Feeding Your Dog Bread!

Can I give my dog bread?

Does your best buddy ever beg you for bread? Straight to the point: Regularly sharing slices with your canine would introduce too many carbs. At the very least, keep this type of treat to a minimum. Besides, bread won’t provide Read More …

Asparagus For a Pet Dog? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Can I give my dog asparagus?

Asparagus is obviously a super healthy vegetable, but does that hold true for dogs? Here’s the deal: Pretty much the only downside to giving your dog asparagus is a likelihood of odors, i.e., gas or smelly urine. Putting that aside… Read More …

Honey: The Honest Truth About Feeding It To Your Dog!

Can I give my dog honey?

Honey for dogs can be healthy, but also potentially harmful! Find out what words of warning our vet had to say when we asked if dogs can have honey.

What You Must Know About Giving Your Dog Oatmeal!

Can I give my dog oatmeal?

Are you wondering if you should give your dog oatmeal?  Straight to the point: This classic breakfast food is safe for pets, super beneficial actually — in certain scenarios. Just be selective about the type of oatmeal your dog gets Read More …

Read This Before Sharing Pasta With Your Dog!

Can Dogs Eat Pasta?

Your dog is probably more than happy to help with any pasta leftovers you may have! But is this classic Italian cuisine okay for canines? Here’s the deal: Being low in nutrients and high in carbohydrates, pasta really shouldn’t be Read More …

You Can Give Your Dog Cheese If You’re Smart About Sharing!

Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

If your dog likes to eat cheese you may be wondering if it is okay to share. This is a very valid question to be asking. Let’s jump right in! As you probably know, dairy products aren’t exactly fantastic for Read More …

Can Dogs Eat Garlic? Read This Before Sharing!

Can I give my dog garlic?

Everyone knows garlic is very healthy, but does this also apply to dogs? The truth is this: There are potential benefits for fully-grown animals but, at the same time, harm is also possible. Though there are downsides to feeding your dog Read More …