Are Cheerios a Good Treat For a Pet Dog?

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Want to treat your dog to some Cheerios?

Truth be told, it’s not harmful to feed small amounts of this low sugar cereal.

Can I Give My Dog Cheerios?So what is the issue?

Even though your dog may enjoy the crunchy taste, it’s a bad idea to give a whole bunch.

In other words, go easy with Cheerios!

Sure, there are owners who reward their pets with an entire bowl of this cereal. But whole grain oats won’t do your canine any favors.

Do Not Let Your Dog Have Lots of Cheerios

Stick to a policy of moderation and it can be an occasional treat.

Not Terrible — Not Great

It cannot be stressed enough:

Cheerio consumption should be limited.

Your animal needs a level of calories each day. Make them count!

Despite being recommended by the American Heart Association, Cheerios amounts to what is essentially low-grade filler.

Keep in mind that your dog requires a high performance diet.

What Cheerios is Missing

Though dogs are not obligate carnivores, they should get the majority of their protein from animal sources.

That means quality dog food, as well as treats, should contain meat and it should be listed as the 1st ingredient.

Something else to consider is that frequently giving your dog cereal could turn into a bad habit.

To be quite honest:

It is best to just forget about feeding Cheerios.

Different Types of Cheerios

Cheerios is obviously a product with processed ingredients.

At last count, there are over a dozen different varieties which is a dead giveaway. That’s right! This super popular cereal now comes in all kinds of flavors.

Probably the least worse version for your dog is the the regular or original Cheerios.

But the thing is cereals in general are not a great way to nourish.

Caution: Anything that contains chocolate is off limits. Be sure to closely scrutinize the box’s label if you have anything other than the classic Cheerios.

Filler Foods And Furry Friends

As a rule of thumb, filler foods should be avoided as much as possible.

The goal is never to simply fill up your pet’s stomach.

So do this:

Try to always have quality dog treats handy. This way you won’t have to use Cheerios and your dog will get proper nourishment.

Strike The Right Balance

Again, giving your dog a few Cheerios for training purposes is not so terrible.

Did your buddy accidentally eat a bowl of this cereal?

They will be fine!

But allowing your dog to feast on large amounts of Cheerios would be irresponsible — with or without milk.

Limit this breakfast food to a small and occasional treat only.

The Bottom Line

Do not routinely feed your dog Cheerios.

There are much better ways to reward. You’d be smart to limit consumption of this filler food.

The fact is cereals are not recommended as a regular treat. Dogs thrive on meat and animal protein, not processed grains.

Get some healthy snacks for your dog. More Cheerios for you!

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3 thoughts on “Are Cheerios a Good Treat For a Pet Dog?”

  1. We are trying to keep our Maltipoo on a diet, in order to loose some weight, so we switched her usual treats to a few Cherrios. Do you think this will help?

    1. Badstormer says:

      Cheerios will likely give your dog the same caloric content as a single dog-formulated treat, minus the protein and other nutrients.

      Unless you are really limiting cheerio intake, odds are, the dog will still be ingesting just as much potential energy as she would with regular dog treats.

  2. My breeder said I should give my puppy Cheerios for a snack. Is that okay for her? Thank you.

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