Read This Before Giving Your Dog Popcorn!

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Popcorn is perfect for munching, but what to do when your pet dog wants to be included?

Can I Give My Dog Popcorn?Great question because it’s tough to refuse a furry friend when it comes to such a fun food. Some dogs really know how to turn on the charm!

Regardless, there is no need to feel guilty about not sharing!

It’s Best To Avoid Giving Your Dog Popcorn

At the very least, do not feed this treat with any frequency. 

Here’s the deal:

Popcorn comes from corn which generally isn’t great for dogs. A small amount is fine, but there are several other factors to consider if you’re feeding it on the regular.

Plain Popcorn Is Best

Take a step back and assess all the ingredients.

Does the popcorn have added salt, butter, caramel or sweeteners?

There are so many tasty seasonings for this addictive snack; none of which are a wise choice for your dog.

Obviously salty, oily and sugary foods are bad for pets.

Be strict! Eliminate these from your dog’s diet.

Still want to share?

Be sure to go with plain popcorn and limit the amount. Don’t make a habit out of it.

Pro Popcorn Perspective

A small serving of unsalted and unflavored popcorn (without butter) won’t make a dog sick.

Some owners use it as a reward for training purposes, but be conservative for your dog’s sake.

Popcorn For A Dog?Go easy and issues are unlikely.

Some would argue that a bit of plain popcorn makes for a decent snack.

The high fiber isn’t bad and the carbs provide energy. Your dog, assuming they get lots of exercise, can burn those corny calories.

Here is one vet’s take on it:

Popcorn Pitfalls For Pets

Something that cannot be stressed enough:

No fancy flavors and heavily-salted varieties.

What type of popcorn do you have?

Processed junk can certainly be harmful. In the long run, it will eventually affect your dog’s health.

Any artificial chemicals are absolutely inappropriate for pets.

Excessive sodium or sweet flavoring may lead to obesity and diabetes, possibility even heart problems and arthritis. Organ failure is possible is extreme cases.

We also dogs becoming more lethargic and overweight.

Careful with popcorn!

Kernel Considerations

Dogs tend to wolf down popcorn pieces pretty fast. They can quickly reach the bottom of a bucket where the kernels are found.

You do not want your dog swallowing corn kernels! They aren’t digestible and you’ll see that in feces (poop).

Not only can consumption can trigger an upset stomach, but there are cases of canines choking on unpopped kernels. Easily avoidable!

Caution: Tiny pieces of popcorn can also get caught between the teeth. This could contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.

The Bottom Line

We do not recommend that you feed your dog popcorn. Nevertheless, a little bit won’t cause harm.

If you must share, strictly limit portions and do so only occasionally.

You’ve likely gone too far if your pooch expects to eat popcorn.

Added butter, salt or artificial flavors should be avoided. Also, never let your dog swallow corn kernels.

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12 thoughts on “Read This Before Giving Your Dog Popcorn!”

  1. Our dog seems to become extremely constipated the day after eating 5-6 pieces of popcorn. He is very uncomfortable and out of sorts until he can ‘go’, which usually ends up being on our carpet. This once happened literally 2 days after I had it cleaned! From now on, he’ll not be having any more popcorn treats!

  2. I use popcorn as a reward when training my Lab. She only gets a few popped kernels during the training session. You may want to check the ingredients in the food that you feed your dog as most of the time the first item on the bag is corn.

  3. I only give my dog, and cat, a little in their food bowl. I mix it up with their regular meals.

  4. Do you actually have to warn people about not giving junk food to their dogs? Give your dogs real food! Let’s raise up the discussion, please, on how human food is appreciated and how you can provide it.

  5. Someone left half a bag of popcorn out last night. My dog ate it all. He seems to be doing okay though. Should I be worried or just let it go and make sure it doesn’t happen again?

  6. I gave just a few kernels to my dog last evening. She seemed to like them!

  7. Popcorn is a fun treat for dogs, but, like all people food, should be given in moderation.

  8. We usually give our dogs 2-3 pieces of popcorn, unless we drop more on the floor.

  9. My dog has kidney problems. She loves popcorn. I need to know if popcorn will harm her kidneys.

    1. Like people, four-footed folks with kidney problems must be very careful of salt intake. A thoroughly cooked, single piece or two should be okay. But please, no salt, no butter (or whatever those yellow chemicals might become) and be sure none of the husk remains. I’m not a vet, but I did care for human patients when in the service. No additional salt for dogs.

  10. I gave my dog some popcorn on two occasions and each time she threw up her entire meal. I’m not sure if it’s the popcorn but I’m having her checked by our vet. I do know I will not give her anymore popcorn. She is a small Terrier and as evidenced by the info above, they swallow the kernel whole without chewing it. Therefore, it can probably create an obstruction in the digestive tract or upper throat.

    This may be the reason she threw up her meal, but I am still going to confirm if there are any other causes by taking her to our family vet. If you have any thoughts or comments on this let me know. I love my little dog and I am praying she is okay.

    Our pets are family members and they become a part of our heart eternally. The popcorn is from the dollar store, yellow color and probably has lots of chemicals in it. I also read that our corn is kept in the bins on the farm for a long period of time where it ultimately develops fungus and mold. Maybe we need to stay away from corn.

  11. What I’ve gathered is as follows – (1) as long as the popcorn is cooked and is new oil – “not last night’s chip oil”, (2) don’t give them pieces with kernels, I bite those bits off and give him the rest, which is soft and (3) don’t give them spiced popcorn.

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