Can I Give My Dog Quinoa?

Can I Give My Dog Quinoa?Quinoa is now popular as people seek out healthy choices. Pet parents are no different, so the question of feeding the family dog this excellent food is increasingly being asked!

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This grain, a pseudo-cereal, is very nutritious. If you aren’t against occasionally giving your dog table scraps, quinoa is a great option. We think it’s a terrific treat for canines.

It’s likely your dog will agree. What’s wonderful about Quinoa is how light it is compared to potatoes or most other starches. There is, however, a downside and we’ll explain.

Can I Give My Dog Quinoa? Answer: Yes, cooked & small amounts

It’s an amazing gluten free seed with high levels of essential amino acids.

Your dog can likely eat quinoa, but start out with small portions. Better yet, get holistic dry dog food that contains quinoa. It’s difficult to criticize this super food, but the oxalates could affect some dogs. Generally, pets can partake. Learn more!

Quinoa’s outstanding nutritional value explains why it’s a winner. Fabulous for Fido!

Breaking Down Quinoa

Take a look at the following 100 gram nutritional breakdown:

Calories – 372
Carbs – 71.2 grams
Protein – 11.5 grams
Fat – 4.9 grams
Calcium – 66 milligrams
Iron – 8.5 milligrams
Niacin – 1.4 grams
Thiamin – 0.24 of a gram
Riboflavin – 0.23 of a gram

Different types of quinoa have slightly different nutritional values. In any case, dogs don’t typically get to consume such quality foods but your pooch is worth it!

Yes, Quinoa for Dogs!

Quinoa is a great treat, especially if your dog gets lots of exercise. The protein and complex carbohydrates make sense. But not everyone, including animals, react to new foods in the same way.

Careful whenever introducing anything new. Your dog’s stomach may not agree with this grain. A high quality canine snack that incorporates quinoa could be a better way to add it to Fio’s diet.

The definitive yes or no answer comes after you provide a taste for your dog. That’s the most reasonable approach for feeding nutritious quinoa.

Rinse, Wash and Cook

It’s important to rinse, wash and cook your quinoa before serving it to your dog. You want to remove the unseen chemical called saponin. It’s a bit toxic and likely more dangerous for pets than it is for people.

Quinoa Question Marks

A drawback to Quinoa, for furry friends, is that their digestive systems aren’t geared towards plant-like food. Some dogs don’t take well to oxalates.

For one, they’re often insoluble. Another reason is that sometimes oxalates cause inflammation. You may want to avoid feeding quinoa if your dog is prone to arthritis.

Since quinoa comes from a plant, even though it’s actually the seed, there’s a chance of a bad reaction. Pawing at the mouth, poor appetite, drooling, vomiting, oral pain and swelling are possible but unlikely.

Will Your Dog Try It?

The only way to know if your pet dog can consume this seed cereal crop is to give them a small portion. Stick to dog food if the above symptoms sound scary. Pets, after all, don’t need to eat quinoa.

Conclusion on Quinoa

Canines can consume quinoa. Provide a small amount to see if their stomach agrees. Arthritic dogs may experience inflammation. Otherwise, quinoa is healthy and a great snack for a dog. Just wash before cooking it. Quinoa is loaded with nutrition, yet it can’t replace meat-based protein in quality dog food.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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