Can I Give My Dog Something For Depression?

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Can I Give My Dog Something For Depression?You obviously know that dogs can also have depression.

You need sound solutions if a furry friend is withdrawn or generally unhappy.

Symptoms of dog depression surface behaviorally. Noticeable changes are:

  • Sleep patterns
  • Eating habits
  • Inactivity and;
  • Altered mood

While controversial, antidepressants are an option. K9s also respond to these human medications.


They should be a last resort. Treating a dog for depression requires lots of due diligence.

Can I Give My Dog Something For Depression? Answer: Yes, with vet help

Underlying reason(s) should be addressed, if possible.

Your dog may not actually have depression. A common root cause is pain which, if treated, can significantly reduce a dog’s depression-like symptoms.

Get quality pet pain pills if this is the situation.

One thing’s for sure, dog depression does exist. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do.

Dealing w/ Dog Depression

Dog depression should be diagnosed.

You may discover that Fido just needs positive reinforcement. A lack of quality time, doing what they love to do (being outdoors), could be a factor.

On the other hand…

If your canine’s brain chemicals are imbalanced they may benefit from medication.

Dogs can take human SSRIs, in low doses, for depression symptoms.

But these powerful human drugs require vet approval with detailed instructions. Don’t give your dog your leftover anti-depression meds!

Doggie Depression Factors

Separation anxiety is a common behavioral issue for dogs.

An unpredictable schedule or you being away from home for too long may trigger this form of depression.

Some dogs don’t adjust and depression like symptoms can set in.

A change in owners, abuse, the death of a family member, poor adaptability to circumstances and even the weather are known factors.

Providing SSRIs to Dogs

Antidepressants, such as Prozac, obviously aren’t designed for animals.

They’re risky and can cause a number of bad side effects including lethargy and vomiting.

Understand that serotonin syndrome is also possible. Increased temperature, agitation, tremors, high heart rate, disorientated behavior and even seizures can occur.

Read about Ativan and Celexa.

Talk with your vet about antidepressants specifically formulated and approved for depressed dogs.

Another Treatment Option

Clomipramine is approved for separation anxiety in dogs. This drug helps with anxiety, moodiness and general behavioral issues.

Remember that medications don’t reverse depression.

The right drug could, however, help your dog feel more relaxed and calm.

Accidental K9 Consumption

Visit a vet immediately if a pet has ingested any prescription drug, especially an SSRI antidepressant! Depending on the dose, it could be quite serious.

These depression medications are potent!

Bring the pill bottle with you so the professional can access the situation.

Assessing Your Priorities

People lead busy lives. If you’re away from home all day this can affect your buddy’s outlook.

Improve the situation by getting outside with your dog. Play with them more often.

Depression may be linked to a dog questioning their acceptance. Don’t wait until they hardened in their disposition.

Be attentive. Some pups are emotionally sensitive.

The Bottom Line

Try to treat your dog’s depression without medications.

A behavioral modification training program can decrease doldrums. Get a diagnosis because your pet may simply have anxiety, or some other form of pain.

SSRIs should be a last resort for a dog. Consult with a vet for the best depression treatment possible.

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2 thoughts on “Can I Give My Dog Something For Depression?”

  1. My ten year old Border Collie named Bob tore his right ACL, but he is still able to put some weight on it. I have him on 100 mg of Rimadyl and he eats well. But he has changed very much being no longer being able to run and catch a disc. I haven’t heard him bark in 2 weeks. I’m wondering if St John’s Wort might help my dog’s mood?

  2. About a year ago, a vet X-rayed my dog and prescribed these drugs to my female Husky because she didn’t eat for 3 days:

    1. Mirtazapine Soltab – for depression
    2. Tramadol – pain killer
    3. Lactulose Syrup

    My dog eventually died a week later. I still do not know what caused her death.

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