Can I Give My Dog Oreos?

Can I Give My Dog Oreos?Oreos are so tasty and you’re wondering if sharing with your dog is such a terrible idea. There are a few important things to consider, including the chocolate factor as well as this snack’s artificial ingredients, before feeding time.

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Though chocolate is a component in these cookies, the truth is that Oreos contain very little and it’s likely not a factor for Fido. But many of the other ingredients are what make this famous junk food a bad choice for dogs.

So, in our opinion, Oreos aren’t appropriate for any pet dog. Continue reading for all the details and hopefully you’ll be persuaded to get some better treats that are actually healthy for canines.

Can I Give My Dog Oreos? Answer: Not Recommended

They aren’t toxic, since the wafers don’t contain enough chocolate to cause harm, but it’s still a poor choice.

Think twice before giving your dog any of your Oreos. There’s no nutritional value and, instead, these processed cookies are loaded with artificial ingredients which will eventually contribute to making your dog overweight and sluggish. While most dogs can handle a couple of Oreo cookies, at the very least, it’s a bad feeding habit.

Forget junk food and feed your dog quality protein-packed treats which are also low in calories.

What’s in an Oreo Cookie

Oreos are almost entirely artificial and, therefore, inappropriate for dogs. The first ingredient is an unnatural refined sugar and certainly counterproductive for canines. Next is enriched flour, which means they’ve processed it and added synthetic vitamins and minerals such as iron and niacin.

These iconic cookies also contain high fructose corn syrup making them extra sweet, which is why it’s so difficult to stop eating Oreos. Your dog could get hooked, showing up in the form of begging. Also consider that the artificial flavors and low quality oils make Oreo cookies a big no-no.

For One-Time Incidents

You probably don’t need to panic if your dog got into a package of Oreos. If a whole bunch were consumed then it may be a good idea to consult a vet’s assistant for advice. A stomachache will likely be the extent of your dog’s symptoms which will surely subside. This is usually the case with junk foods.

Oreo cookies aren’t poisonous so you can relax if your dog somehow raided your supply.

Short & Long-Term Effects

Dogs can have undesirable blood sugar levels, like we do, and can even develop diabetes. Be very careful about feeding sweets, and other junk foods, as glucose can easily spike. Obesity is on the rise as more owners share unhealthy human foods with their pets.

You also have to consider the short term. Heavily processed oils may not sit well with your dog’s stomach. The unnatural preservatives in many of these products, including Oreos, are a real concern. Who knows what the effects are down the road!

Dogs with hyperglycemia should never have any Oreos!

Better Options for Treats

If you want to give your dog a healthy snack then forget about serving something sweet. Savory is a much better way to go. Get some canine treats that are made with quality ingredients including nutrients, protein and vitamins that are actually beneficial for dogs.

If your furry friend begs you for an Oreo cookie, instead toss them one of those quality snacks. It’s easy to trick a pet into believing they’re getting what you’re eating when in fact they’re not. Just pull “the old switcheroo” and your dog will be better off for it!

Conclusion on Oreos

Feeding the family dog Oreo cookies, especially on any kind of regular basis, is a bad idea. While one won’t do harm, why risk starting a poor feeding habit? We cover many junk foods and questionable dog treats and you’ll find that the answers are almost all the same. If you want your dog around a long time, these processed foods are out of the question. More Oreos for you!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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