Read This Before Sharing Oreo Cookies With Your Dog!

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Oreos are very tasty which makes them a tempting dog treat.

Are you wondering if sharing a few is such a terrible idea?

Can I Give My Dog Oreos?Is chocolate even a factor? And what about this snack’s artificial flavorings?

These are great questions.

First off, Oreo cookies contain very little cacao. Chocolate is not a concern.

It is the other ingredients that make this famous junk food a bad choice.

Don’t Feed Your Dog Oreos

Despite not being poisonous, you won’t be doing your buddy any favors by sharing.

That’s right. These wafers do not have enough real chocolate to cause acute toxicity. Nevertheless, Oreo cookies should be off limits.

Be smart!

Think twice before giving your dog any Oreos.

There is virtually no nutritional value. In fact, these processed cookies will eventually make your dog overweight and sluggish.

What’s in an Oreo?

Oreos are almost entirely artificial making them all wrong for your dog!

The first ingredient is an unnatural refined sugar (certainly counterproductive for canines).

Next is enriched flour, which means processed with synthetic vitamins and minerals such as iron and niacin.

More concerning is the fact that these iconic cookies contain high fructose corn syrup. This makes them extra sweet (and why it’s so difficult to stop eating Oreos)!

Your dog could get hooked which will manifest in the form of begging.

So the decision is easy!

Artificial flavors and low quality oils make Oreo cookies a no-no.

One-Time Incidents

On the other hand, there is no need to panic if your dog got into a package of Oreos.

Sure, if a whole bunch were eaten it’s a good idea to consult with your vet about the incident.

But a stomachache will likely be the extent of the symptoms and they will subside. It’s the nature of junk foods.

Again, Oreo cookies are not poisonous. You can relax if your dog somehow raided your supply.

The Health Effects

Dogs can have undesirable blood sugar levels (like we do) and can even develop diabetes.

Glucose can easily spike.

Obesity is on the rise as more owners share unhealthy human foods with their pets.

It cannot be stressed enough:

Heavily processed oils will not sit well with your dog’s stomach. And the unnatural preservatives in Oreos are a real concern.

Caution: Oreos are especially bad for dogs with hyperglycemia.

Better Treat Options

Want to give a healthy snack?

Forget about serving something sweet. Savory is a much better way to go.

Get canine treats that are made with quality ingredients including nutrients, protein and vitamins that are actually beneficial for dogs.

If a furry friend begs you for an Oreo cookie, instead toss them one of those quality snacks.

It is easy to trick a precious pet into believing they are getting what you’re eating!

The Bottom Line

Feeding your dog Oreo cookies is certainly not recommended.

While one or two won’t do harm, why risk starting a poor feeding habit?

More Oreos for you!

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  1. My dog ate 100 Oreos in a big bowl about 3 years ago and he’s still alive!

  2. Thank you so much for the information. My 5 month old puppy had two Oreos and I was so worried. This article helped a great deal.

  3. My Shih Tzu ate an Oreo and I was worried.

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