Marijuana To Reduce a Pet Dog’s Pain? Read This First!

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Is your dog is in pain? Are you wondering if marijuana can help?

Getting high can create calm and reduce discomfort. Nevertheless, it’s controversial to share pot with your pet!

Here’s the deal:

Dogs really should not be exposed to weed. It could be a terrible experience for an innocent animal. And compared to humans, canines are more at risk of toxicity (keep reading to learn why).

Can I Give My Dog Marijuana?For easing pain, there are better solutions than ganja. Avoid altering your buddy’s mental state or potentially exposing them to poisoning.

Do Not Give Your Dog Marijuana

Recreational drugs, whether it be pot, alcohol or anything else should not be used.

Mind-altering marijuana is smoked (sometimes eaten) by consenting individuals, and obviously your dog cannot give the OK.

But that’s not all…

There are biological reasons to refrain from getting your hound high! 

What an Expert Says

Carlton Gyles, a Professor of Veterinary Pathobiology at the University of Guelph, put out a paper entitled, “Marijuana for pets?” which states the following:

“Dogs are reported to have a higher number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain compared with humans and it has been suggested that they may be more susceptible to the toxic effects than are humans.”

He also cites a study of 2 dogs that consumed baked goods that included concentrated medical grade THC. The animals died.

We cannot sign off on pet dogs getting high.

Medicinal Marijuana

Yes, pot is known to be excellent for certain medical conditions and even anxiety.

Marijuana is legally prescribed for lots of problems (including terminal illnesses). But do these benefits carry over to dogs? Probably, at least to some extent.

More research is needed!

In the meantime…

If you’ve already gotten your dog high, and they seemed relaxed and at ease, then it’s no harm done. That said, we won’t advance the idea to folks considering weed for their dogs.

An Alternative to Ganja

Too bad dogs do not have a catnip equivalent.

When you think about it though, K9s are usually so in the moment that they’re often having a fairly mellow life experience by default.

On the other hand…

Jumpy dogs (that need to sleep better or just be soothed) may benefit from Melatonin instead.

FYI: We have a pet pain solutions article that’s worth checking out!

Not Natural For Dogs

Setting aside your own marijuana beliefs for a moment…

When you think about it, a pet pooch would never have the opportunity to get high.

Sure, your dog can eat some pot, but that would be by mistake. Their intent would be to seek food, not marijuana’s effects.

Second-Hand Smoke

It cannot be stressed enough:

You can harm your dog’s lungs by smoking marijuana in their vicinity.

Keep them away!

Put your furry friend outside while you are enjoying marijuana. Allowing a dog to inhale is irresponsible pet ownership.

The Bottom Line

More and more dogs are getting their paws on pot as marijuana continues to be legalized. As a result, vets are seeing an uptick in animals requiring treatment for poisoning.

So this type of activity is becoming more of an issue. Do not make the same mistake!

Luckily, there are safer ways to treat pain.

Taking everything into account, marijuana is not safe enough for your dog.

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15 thoughts on “Marijuana To Reduce a Pet Dog’s Pain? Read This First!”

  1. Many people are using medical marijuana for pain. They take a really low dose to get relief, but avoid getting high. It manages the pain. Just one of my THC/CDB combo pills can take my pain mostly away (or completely) and I don’t even feel the effect in my mind.

    So, when you think about people using medical marijuana, not everyone sits at home and smokes it to get high. My Golden Retriever had an injury and would often times lay around in what appeared to be horrible pain. I started giving her CBD treats in the morning and it looked like it was working.

    There were times when she could barely stand up. At times I give her a couple drops of the THC oil or one of the low-dose pills. It makes a huge difference and she shows no signs of being high. She appears as responsive and alert as ever. She also gets up and plays like a puppy. It’s like a miracle how well it works!

  2. My 2 dogs are elderly and have arthritis. Jumping on beds and couches are tough. Can I treat them with a small amount of marijuana. They both seem so much happier afterwards.

    I think if it’s medical-related, and it’s not for getting high, then it’s fine. If they get a little high, they are 14 years of age so they are old dogs. They deserve it and it keeps them eating their food.

    1. I give my dog some kush all the time. Be mellow.

  3. Husky Parent says:

    My husky is my failed foster. I adopted her as the rescue group was going to euthanize her. She had been severely abused and she has always had trouble with her lower back. The vet won’t see her.

    Even after 6 years, she was still vicious but will only bite and crush hands. As long as you leave her alone, she will leave you alone. Her lower back and legs are getting worse. She can’t jump up onto her wing chair. She falls a lot.

    So I bought her to a dog bed on the floor which she hates. She has seemed depressed since my service dog was killed by a car as they would play outside together. Now she won’t go outside.

    I did speak with a vet and he recommended Gabapentin. I found it helped with her mood a bit. But when I tried a small portion of CBD/THC 22:1 ratio medicinal marijuana gummy bear, she’s more friendly and I have been able to pet her.

    Touch is important to any human or animal. She’s more active and standing more. I think it has benefited her significantly. I’m using the type CBD so she doesn’t have any mind altering affects. I offered it to her and she ate it. I have never forced it down her throat.

    1. That is depressing. As long as the dog likes it (which seems to be the case). My first dog loved pot.

      My current dog does not like it. I’m careful not to even blow smoke in his direction.

      CBD oil and Gummies are great medicine, but real THC might even be better for your dog. Your boy doesn’t have to smoke. You can cook pot into a green butter then make whatever food you want with it. Good luck!

  4. The 1926 US Pharmacopeia (page 95) lists Cannabis as a sedative for dogs. So, it was prescribed at one time before the smear campaign in the 1930’s. It was also used for many different ailments until this time.

  5. Marijuana can be eaten. It can made into butter, cookies, brownies or you can just eat the bud.

  6. My dog loves to get high with the family. Whenever I smoke, he will put his nose in my lap and wait for me to blow him some smoke. He has benign tumors and a previously broken leg that do cause him some pain. He seems much more relaxed and less stiff afterwards. My other dogs just politely leave the room when we start smoking though.

  7. Concerned Reader says:

    I don’t support giving dogs marijuana, but that’s because of valid reasons like informed consent and unclear physiological consequences, not fallacious appeals to nature.

    1. Bark Pawn says:

      It’s also unnatural for humans to eat rocks, but you don’t see that many people proclaiming that everyone is just “close-minded” about it.

      1. They should be closed minded about it. Anybody who willingly eats rocks or coins, safety pins, etc. will eventually be seen by a GI doctor to remove them. THC is lethal to dogs. People who think it’s okay to give recreational marijuana to their dogs, without veterinary approval, should not own pets.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with giving your pooch marijuana. Just be careful with how many mg of weed.

      I have a 13 year old Shih Tzu with arthritis and a 2nd-3rd degree collapsed trachea. I give him a pinch of weed rolled in a chicken slice and it does help. He does not cough as often, he’s relaxed and he sleeps much better.

      Many doctors disagree, only because they receive perks from Pharma. Those drugs cause more severe damage and even death if not administered properly.

  8. Winksport says:

    Thanks for posting this. I really wish people wouldn’t give their dogs people drugs, at least not without the supervision of a vet!

    1. My buddy hates to be around smoke but loves to eat pot. And no, I didn’t force it on him, I found out he liked it because he picked up my sack and started to sneak off with it crouched down low.

      When I said his name he dropped it and ran. Ever since he just eats my crumbs when he wants to and occasionally I offer him a small bud and he has rarely ever turned it down.

      1. Dogs willingly eat radiator fluid too. Just because you don’t force it on him doesn’t mean it’s good for him.

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